J&J and U.S. Chamber Outed

//J&J and U.S. Chamber Outed

J&J and U.S. Chamber Outed

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This story from St. Louis (here) is about a U.S. Chamber of Commerce tactic to have people sign onto a letter to their lawmakers that would make it more difficult to file a court action.  Problem is they didn’t sign the letter.

Johnson & Johnson is reported to have written two checks for $1.6 million to the US Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform which advocates on behalf of industry to make it more difficult for citizens to file lawsuits.  The letters went to lawmakers with emails and names of people who say they didn’t sign and send the letters.

The issue backfired on J&J last April in front of a judge overseeing talcum powder litigation in St. Louis. Judge Rex Burlison said the J&J donation makes it the case the company should face liability in Missouri. Then came a July St. Louis jury award of  $4.7 billion for plaintiffs involved in the latest talcum powder, cancer lawsuit tried in that venue.

MND story on the Talc/ Cancer verdict from July.

The US Chamber of Commerce and its Institute for Legal Reform aims to make it more difficult to citizens to file lawsuits against the corporations the Chamber represents, Big Pharma, Asbestos, Tobacco, Insurance, etc.  PR Watch does a superb job monitoring disinformation campaigns about tort reform. ###

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  1. Still Standing October 24, 2018 at 12:38 am - Reply

    Well, Jane. This is quite a significant story that has impact across decades of past and future. I was the president of my towns Chamber of Commerce. We were all about bringing in people to our town, promoting the best of our city. How the heck did the US Chamber get into the business of promoting large corporations over people? Im just really shocked J&J could contribute so much money to protect their seedy interests in this way. I know we should suspend shock for anything the Mesh Mauling corporations have done to protect their shiny butts, but this is so underhanded and over the top because the Chamber of Commerce used to stand for local business development, local tourism, local pride. This is truly a betrayal of that heritage. I for one will be bringing this to the attentions of my state representatives since I am from Missouri. What other influence is being peddled under the guise of seemingly benign organizations? How many local chambers of commerce innocently pay dues to the US Camber of Commerce?

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