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Hernia Mesh Leaving Men in Pain – BBC

BBC, Sean McGrath, hernia mesh patient

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, September 21, 2017 ~ With a million hernia operations annually, according to the US Hernia Society, men in Northern Ireland have gone public with their mesh complications, as reported by the BBC. 

The BBC (here) is reporting on men in pain following their hernia mesh implants.

Following the very public front-page headlines in the United Kingdom (UK) concerning transvaginal mesh, men are now going public with their hernia mesh complications.

Campaigners from Sling The Mesh, July 18, 2017,

Complications include chronic pain, and an inability to work or enjoy activities. Denial of complications from the medical community is a constant complaint of the men interviewed in this story.

In Northern Ireland, mesh is the National Health Service’s recommended method for treating groin hernias. The group of injured patients, is calling for a ban on the use of polypropylene (PP) mesh mesh material until more is known about it.

One in ten people will develop a hernia in their lifetime and the U.S. Hernia Society says there are one million hernia mesh surgeries a year. Most doctors continue to use PP mesh, despite the complication rate, said to be as high as 30%.

Owen Smith, Labor Party, Northern Ireland

Owen Smith, a member of the UK Shadow Cabinet of Northern Ireland says he’s been shocked by the stories he’s heard. He believe the mesh issue will be come one of the biggest in the UK since breast implants. He’s set up a parliamentary group to study the issue.

The Department of Health and the Public Health Agency recently conducted a workshop to establish a standard approach through northern Ireland for women with PP mesh complications.   #

General Surgery News, November 2016, Surgeons Debate Core Causes of Pain After Hernia Repair  


  1. Alan Charles says:

    I would like to get in contact with this group of men suffering from mesh hernia repair. I had. a hernia repaired with this mesh 13 years ago and have suffered pain and discomfort ever since. Despite pain killing drugs the discomfort and pain has got much more severe over the years and months. Would like to know more about the support group as I would like to be involved . Hope to hear from you soon or put me in contact with those involved.
    Alan Charles

    • Jane Akre says:

      Alan-Bruce Rosenberg and Richard Holder are both hernia mesh injured who have written here and contributed extensively. I will pass along your request to them…. I’m sorry

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