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Patient Advocates Wanted for Training

If you have worked with others to help with mesh-induced injuries, this workshop may be the next step in your journey.  An Introductory Patient Training Workshop (attached and below) in DC on Oct 14-15 is offered by the National Center for Health Research.  The goal is to help patient advocates understand [...]

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Patient Advocate Tells Story of ” I Am Not Alone”

Mesh News Desk, August 29, 2016 ~ This unnamed patient advocate reports to Mesh News Desk on the  condition of a mesh implanted woman who is fighting for her life at this hour. "One of Caldera Medical, Inc"s. co-inventing surgeons who owns patents with Caldera Medical, Inc.'s CEO has an [...]

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Teresa Stevens Speaks Out About How She Got Involved in Boston Scientific Lawsuit Over Counterfeit Transvaginal Mesh

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 6, 2016 ~  On October 27, 2014, Teresa Stevens was preparing for a scheduled hysterectomy when, at the suggestion of her doctor, she agreed to have a Boston Scientific Obtryx Halo vaginal mesh implanted into her body, like thousands of American women do each [...]

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Mesh Community Taking it Social, Global

Janis Urban March 25, 2016 ~ The Mesh Awareness Movement has taken to Twitter and J&J is watching! A growing number of women are joining in a party every Friday night, but there is nothing to celebrate. The mesh community parties are held online on Twitter and women injured [...]

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Noni Wideman to Consumers Union Concerning Pelvic Mesh

Mesh News Desk, March 14, 2016 ~ Noni Wideman, a survivor of a polypropylene mesh implant, writes the following letter to Consumers Union.   CU and specifically Lisa McGiffert have been involved in the pelvic mesh issue through Safe Patient Project, proposing that medical devices carry a warranty not unlike [...]

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Mary Pat on Mesh Awareness Rallies in Your Area

MAM rally in Charleston, WV in 2015 Frequent contributor Mary Pat says if you can't make it to WV for the upcoming rally- take it home!! February 18, 2016 ~ Many of the mesh injured live too far, are too debilitated, or can’t afford to travel to the [...]

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Mesh-Injured Woman Facing Homelessness

She is a reader of Mesh News Desk.  She belongs to several Facebook groups started by mesh- injured women. “Suzy” must remain anonymous because she is represented by legal counsel. Suzy is losing her home.  Many women and men, disabled by their polypropylene pelvic and hernia mesh devices, have also [...]

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Medical Compensation – When A Caller Asks If You’ve Had a Bladder Sling

Caller, On Hold Webstore MND, July 27, 2015 ~ Sometimes one can actually find humor in this mesh mess.  Easy for me to say, I’m not injured. But let me share this with you - the ultimate irony. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my ears. Late last week I [...]

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Expecting a Mesh Settlement? Will a Special Needs Trust Work for You?

Many women find themselves in this situation – they are about to receive a settlement as a result of a personal injury lawsuit, in this case a pelvic mesh injury.    But if she also receives any means-tested government disability benefits, this settlement might not seem like good news at all. Settlement [...]

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Restorative Justice Proposal for Transvaginal Mesh Harmed Women

Restorative Justice Proposal for Transvaginal Mesh Harmed Women Proposed by Mesh Harmed Women May 29th 2015 Nonie Wideman Advocate for Mesh Harmed Women PO Box 134, Rose Prairie BC, Canada, V0C2H0 Judge Joseph Goodwin Charleston, WV federal courthouse Honorable Joseph R. Goodwin, Judge P.O. Box 2546 Charleston, [...]

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