The Bleeding Edge Profiles Victims of Medical Devices

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 27, 2018 ~ The fallout from lax federal  regulation over medical devices and the harm done to patients, is the focus of a new documentary, The Bleeding Edge, which premiers today on Netflix. Image: Scene from The Bleeding Edge Mesh-injured Tammy Jackson, is followed through Read more

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Incontinence Mesh Use Suspended in England Pending Govt. Review

Kath Sansom from CambTimes Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 10, 2018 ~ SUI Mesh use will be suspended in England  after regulators listened to stories of horror from mesh-implanted women. A full review should be concluded next March to determine if the suspension becomes permanent.  The use Read more

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Mesh, Autoimmunity, Allergies and Vitamin D

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 25, 2018 ~ In some mesh-implanted patients, an autoimmune response is incited. There are far too many cases to be just considered coincidental to the  average observer, but how might that observation become science and what is happening within the body of an implanted Read more

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Boston Scientific Meshes Not Defective Says Jurors

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 18, 2018 ~  Friday June 15th, a Woburn, Mass. jury came back deciding for Boston Scientific in the 16 day trial of Ana and Jose Martinez. Jurors decided the Pinnacle and Obtryx pelvic mesh products were not defective and the  company did not fail Read more

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Martinez v Boston Scientific Plaintiff Opens

Jim Waldenberger, Kline Specter Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 12, 2018 ~ During the opening arguments, an attorney for Ms. Martinez says the company knew its products would cause the pain suffered by Ms. Martinez. Jim Waldenberger of Kline Specter, one of two attorneys representing Ana and Read more

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Martinez Trial Underway – The FDA Debate

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 11, 2018 ~ The following story is retrieved from the first full day of the Ana Martinez v Boston Scientific trial being heard in Massachusetts Superior Court in Woburn, Mass. The judge's instruction to the jurors began during day 4, on May 30, 2018, Read more

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Martinez Mesh Trial – What Jurors Will and Won’t Hear

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 2, 2018 ~ The jury trial of Ana Martinz v Boston Scientific got underway May 31st in Middlesex County trial court in Woburn, Massachusetts, before Judge Thomas P. Billings. Case No. 1281CV03081. Days before the trial got underway, the judge in this trial court Read more

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Martinez v Boston Scientific Pelvic Mesh Trial Underway

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 29, 2018~ While product liability trials against mesh manufacturers are few and far between, the latest action, Martinez v. Boston Scientific,  began this week in Middlesex Co. Massachusetts. The venue is correct - Boston Scientific, one of the top pelvic and hernia mesh manufacturers Read more

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Plastics Expert on 60 Minutes Says PP is not Biocompatible

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 15, 2018 ~ Mesh News Desk wanted to chat with plastics expert, Chris DeArmitt, who appeared on camera on the 60 Minutes story from Sunday, May 13th. Mesh News Desk reports that polypropylene (PP) mesh, whether sourced from China or Texas, has inherent properties Read more

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