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Pathologist on Mesh Explant Findings

Dr. Vladimir Iakovlev, Pathologist Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 7, 2017 ~ Dr Vladimir Iakovlev is an Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto; Director of Cytopathology, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada. He has examined over 500 specimens of mesh explants, taken from patients experiencing [...]

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Drs Raz and Ackerman: Risks and Benefits Lacking for Slings

Dr. Shlomo Raz, UCLA Urology Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 7, 2017 ~ This well thought out opinion piece is voiced by two leaders who are well acquainted with the devastating injuries resulting from women implanted with mesh, "slings" and transvaginal mesh, used to treat incontinence and [...]

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Mesh Pain – What Works for You?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 4, 2017 ~ A few readers have called in that they find relief from mesh pain through some unusual options.  Many readers want to avoid opiate use which can lead to addiction and constipation.  Please let us know what works for you?  JACKIE Jackie [...]

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An Antibiotic to Kill Superbugs?

Staph medical illustration, CDC Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 15, 2017 ~ Could alterations to the  standard antibiotic, vancomycin, provide an answer to treat some antibiotic-resistant Superbugs? Superbugs, as they are known, have evolved faster than the antibiotics created to fight them. Every year more than two [...]

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Senate Bill Restricts Gifts From Big Pharma

Joe's Stone Crabs Miami Beach Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 24, 2017 ~ A bill just passed the California state Senate that restricts Big Pharma gifts to medical professionals, with the goal of reducing conflicts of interest. SB 790 severely restricts pharmaceutical companies from providing consulting fees, [...]

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Medical Study on Chronic Mesh Pain Needs to Hear From You!

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 6, 2017 ~ People suffering with chronic pain are asked to attend a one-day workshop in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Still Standing, a contributor to Mesh News Desk, is involved with a partnership with the University  of Maryland and other institutions from around the [...]

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Polypropylene Resin Not Meant for Human Implants

Polypropylene raw resin pellets Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 6 2017 ~ The polypropylene resin material  that is used to make mesh used for hernia repair and transvaginal mesh, is not supposed to be used in the human body. But that's exactly what's happened for more than [...]

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Pelvic Mesh and Hernia Mesh- Is There Any Difference?

Prolene Hernia System explant from Rosenberg, 1.5 years Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 4, 2017 ~ The origin of the female surgical mesh devices is hernia mesh. It was assumed prolapse was simply the female form of a hernia.    Is all surgical mesh the same? By [...]

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Study Confirms The More Transvaginal Pelvic Mesh The More Mess

Disintegrating J&J mesh, Sling the Mesh campaign Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 12, 2016 ~ A study published in JAMA Surgery confirms the  common adage among the mesh aware community, the more transvaginal  pelvic mesh present in a body, the more likely there will be complications. The [...]

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AUGS Prolapse Consensus Conference Announced with Patient Advocates

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, October 16, 2016 ~ AUGS Prolapse Consensus Conference Announced. Patient Advocates work with industry for change. The AUGS 2016 Prolapse Consensus Conference will be held November 10-11, 2016 in Baltimore, MD to “bring together thought leaders representing private and public stakeholders who are actively engaged [...]

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