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Addressing Prolapse With the Whole Woman

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 15, 2019 – You are not the patient, you are the physician, is the mantra of an education program that believes we are not trained to listen to our own body and take on our own healing. Whole Woman® attempts to do just that [...]

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Newly Diagnosed with Incontinence? What You Should Ask to Avoid a Mesh Repair

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 22, 2019 ~  This is a story that is re-printed occasionally because there are newly diagnosed women with incontinence who are being told that a polypropylene mesh is their only answer to treat incontinence. Doctors are selling patients by easing their concerns, selling them [...]

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Pelvic Mesh Treatments – Russian Roulette

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 10, 2019 ~ Writer, mesh-injured activist, and author,  Nancy Gretzinger  contributes this story about her experience not only with pelvic mesh but the "treatment" that everyone should be aware of (PS- her doctor wasn't). Announcing Mesh Retreat!!** Nancy G is one organizer of a [...]

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Multidistrict Litigation Basics: A Primer for Plaintiffs

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 1, 2019, by Elizabeth Chamblee Burch~ In recognition of World Mesh Awareness Day, I thought I’d write a longer post about the nuts and bolts of hiring an attorney and what should you expect if your case is part of a mass tort—e.g., if [...]

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Still Time to Participate in MDL Satisfaction Survey for Pelvic Mesh Plaintiffs

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 4, 2019- It is not too late to participate in a survey and confidentially share your thoughts on how the multidistrict litigation (MDL) has been working for you.  More than 104,000 pelvic mesh cases were consolidated in one court in Charleston, West Virginia to [...]

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Torres Legal Services Offer

The pelvic mesh litigation has put a strain on many law firms not used to handling so many clients at one time.  Why then not look at a new form of office efficiency? Mesh Medical Device News Desk - Sponsored Content Torres Legal Services Image:Kara Torres-Kilgannon Torres Legal Services (TLS) [...]

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Mesh Litigation MDL – What Is An MDL & What Are The Benefits?

Protesters, fed court Charleston WV Many of you are asking, "how did I end up here?", referring to the system in the courts known as Multidistrict Litigation. It's a good question and has taken over one federal court in Charleston, West Virginia for seven years as well as [...]

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100,000 Women 60 Minutes on Mesh Mess!!!

Akre and Pelley, 60 Minutes, November 15, 2017 Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 10, 2018~ Mesh News Desk is announcing that a story that's been in production concerning the transvaginal mesh debacle will finally air this Sunday, May 13, 2018 on 60 Minutes, the premier news magazine [...]

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Ask Questions, Seek Answers in Upcoming Mesh Webinar

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 21, 2018 ~ On June 6th, the first Mesh Webinar will be conducted from 5 to 7 pm EST.   Sign up Here.  Mesh litigation, polypropylene, multidistrict litigation, individual cases and settlement dollars, state court vs. MDL, what is a fair settlement?  These are just some [...]

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Mesh Reading Room Resources

While the following is not a complete list of mesh reading resources, it is one that your editor is aware of.   Mesh Medical Device News Desk, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Mesh Awareness Movement,  Facebook Sling the Mesh, UK mesh awareness group on Facebook Links to [...]

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