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Breaking News – Johnson & Johnson Face-to-Face With Mesh Injured

Jane Akre, Robert Fish, Estelle Tasz, Hope Pagano, Teresa Rogers

Jane Akre, Robert Fish, Estelle Tasz, Hope Pagano, Teresa Rogers

It has been many years since the mesh injured in this community have felt this empowered speaking truth to power.

On Thursday, three mesh -injured women spoke to the board of directors of healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson inside their shareholders meeting  while outside, investors entering the meeting encountered mesh survivors and their messages during a morning news conference.

Signs and sights ahead and more on this story which is in production.  Here are some of the images from Thursday and an illuminated light show from Wednesday night, shone directly on J&J headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

group photo

jnj hurts wed nite

J&J headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ


  1. stopmeshimplants says:

    This is wonderful news. I hope that anyone who visits this site will realize everyone needs to get involved. Contact your senators, your representatives, anyone who is in a position to do something to further these investigations. Jane has gotten this thing going and it is our opportunity to keep it going until this mesh is off the market and no one will be harmed again. I know it is is difficult to do anything when you are suffering and in so much pain. I know how tired you are. But I have to tell you this news gave me a huge boost of energy that I have not felt in years with my suffering. I made some contacts and finally feel like I am contributing in some small way. Tell your family and friends. Ask them to make these contacts if you are not able to. Let this opportunity empower you to make change. This is our time to tell our stories. Jane, thank you once again. There are no words to describe my gratitude for your continued support, time, energy and involvement. We will get through this because of you!

  2. top_bard says:

    Way to go Jane, now the media must sit up and take notice. Too many thousands of women and men world wide are hurting from this mesh material. Patients are linking up all over the planet. Please read and sign this Scottish Parliament petition. Only 5 days left for your signature to make a difference.

    The tide is turning.

  3. Tammy says:

    Glory be to God and to Jane. Thank you just doesnt seem to be enough. The TRUTH will set us FREE. God be with you Jane, on your travels. Be blessed.

  4. Sandy says:

    How do I get my senators to listen. I did contact one and they are saying they will try to help with my social security disability but said nothing about the mess issue. I contacted another senator from my state and I am suppose to write her what happened. I want them to hear what I have been through. How the doctors except for my family doc who has been great, keep trying to cover their own butts while I try to manage with a life of pain and have lost the quality of my life. Will some one please tell me how to get through to these people! I want people to know what we have had to go through many times alone. I know my attorney is doing all he can which for now is just waiting for the courts. Mean while I am struggling to get my surgeon/urogynecology doctor to help with my disability too. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that the mesh did this to me and yes damnit, I do want AMS to have to pay me so the rest of my life will be a little easier and I won’t have to worry about making the bills all the time! They did this to me! They need to pay me! And our country leaders need to see who and why someone thinks its ok to hurt us. Aren’t they suppose to protect us from awful things like this? I live each day in fear of what tomorrow will bring. I want to have hope but until I hear good news about AMS taking fault I have none!

  5. karen says:

    Hi jane, thank for everything. 3 hours ago FDA has issued a statement about mesh (High Risk). ABC news announced it.

  6. Suffering Pain Endlessly n Ga says:

    Many of us can’t talk as we are under gag order by our legal council. Thank you for using your voices when others can’t.

    • Kitty says:

      Remember what happened to the Jews when they didn’t speak up. I believe we might have to speak.

    • Lisa says:

      Everyone should speak up. Attys want their 40%. If you are telling the truth about what has happened to you, it will be no different than the information your atty already has about you. Women, take a stand. The fda won’t stop it unless we make them stop it.

  7. Dean says:

    This is what is needed now everybody needs to get involved who is or has been affected by this I live in Canada and I hope that Canadians start to get involved here to with the politicians and TV and so fourth as my wife has gone and is going through hell having this done to here.

  8. alex sacaloff says:

    I dont know how to make a website but i would like one named—–millionairs for mesh .i would like to target millionairs to donate money for victim of mesh who are unable to get to the proper doctors for mesh removal.i think they would get a tax break and help at same time or something like not very good at actually figuring out how but my wife suffers daily but we are both disabled.maybe someone can get something like this off the ground.or know how to start something like .thisi think its a good idea .help save my wife pleasey

  9. Anne says:

    I had mesh removal surgery in 2011 and am still suffering pain constantly. It probably damages nerves and muscles trying to get it out. I have been going to doctors, having tests for seven years now. It is debilitating.

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