Why We're Here ~ Putting a Face on Adverse Events

Jane Akre
April 19, 2013
Jane Akre

Jane Akre

April 19, 2013 ~ Hello everyone. I'm Jane Akre, the Editor of MDND. No I'm not mesh-injured but I saw the tremendous need to delve deeper into this story as a journalist when it was brought to my attention four years ago. (See more in the About Us page).

A lot has happened since then. The FDA warning from July 2011 established the basis for the many lawyer advertisements you see today, but more importantly, thousands of lawsuits that have been filed. As of yesterday, there were 17,478 plaintiffs consolidated in one federal court! That does not include the many others in various state courts.

There has been some suggestion that a sort of mass hysteria generated by trial lawyers has generated this rush to the courtroom door. I find that insulting to women and lawyers are not stupid. There is no sense in wasting time with a frivolous lawsuit that will be thrown out of court. The community amassed here talks about real life-altering complications, multiple surgeries and lives that will never be the same.

These are sad stories with the same themes~ mesh implantation, symptoms, almost a universal "I've never seen that before" response from the medical community, then a desperate search to advocate for oneself.

That's where we come in. Putting a Face on Adverse Events and helping people connect to each other to find solutions, treatment, legal advice and hopefully a more productive relationship with the medical community which seems to have been led to believe that mesh-related complications could not possibly happen.

These women are not going away. While I give no medical or legal advice, the people who have been there are very willing to talk about their successes and search for a better life.

If you have mesh and it's been a success- Congratulations! It remains on the market because some people seem to be helped by mesh used to treat prolapse or incontinence or hernias. Hopefully that will continue, but far too many people are crying out for some recognition that mesh carries complications for some people immediately. For others the symptoms from polypropylene mesh may be down the road. I hope that doesn't happen to you.

I always welcome some suggestions from sponsors who would like recognition on the Sponsor Page and regular guest columns. Businesses, doctors, lawyers, anyone is welcome. Contributors are welcome too, as well as Social Media Mavens, an area where I could use help (though I'm navigating HootSuite and have regular posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

Thanks for visiting. Join in. We all speak English. We should all be able and willing to speak to each other.

Stay well always~

Jane A.

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