No Easy Solution to Removing Mesh

Jane Akre
December 20, 2011

The topic of removing mesh has become problematic. Not only should Mesh News Desk not recommend any doctor to remove mesh, (we didn't) but there has been some expression that even a mention here by others implies an endorsement to those desperate for a solution.

Realistically, MND cannot vouch for the expertise of any doctor when it comes to mesh removal. We would never intend any harm come to those who have already been victimized,

As a compromise, a Patient Profile will always include in the story where and how the patient found relief, if they did. That is their opinion and they can express it if they so choose.

Again Mesh News Desk does not endorse any doctor for mesh removal. It is far more difficult to remove synthetic surgical mesh than to put it in. It is NOT meant to be removed. The medical device is put in intending to be permanent.

That's the problem which anyone considering having a mesh implant needs to understand.

Thank you for understanding.

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