When Doctors Speak......Should We Always Listen?

Jane Akre
April 28, 2014
doctors why we trust them

A Mesh News Desk thoughtful reader has this to say about the Position Statement from the American Urogynecology Society (AUGS). See background story here.

You may recall they feel the use of pelvic mesh is justified and still a "tool" they want to have in their toolbox. That may be a fallback position but as many readers know, mesh is pushed heavily by some doctors on their female patients experiencing incontinence or prolapse as a first-line treatment even as the Food and Drug Administration in 2011 said complications are not rare and the risks of polypropylene pelvic mesh repairs "may expose patients to greater risk" which outweighs the benefits. See background story here.

This thoughtful reader brings to our attention "these ads from doctors and nurses touting how good smoking cigarettes is for you makes me think of AUGS new position statement on TVM!!! Just because "doctors" say it's good for you doesn't mean it's true!"

Food for thought. Enjoy the advertisements here!

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