What I Wish I'd Known Before Mesh

Jane Akre
June 11, 2013
Graphic by Jay Lee

Graphic by Jay Lee

June 11, 2013 ~This anonymous poster would like to share what she has learned since her mesh implant four years ago.

"I have been a "meshie" for over 4 years. I've had surgeries in the teens one lasting over 7 hours. I have spoken with so many women who are suffering the consequences of greed and "lies" that are told to us (on purpose or by ignorance). I've been lied to. I find myself crying out for all of you - I relate all too well.

"SUI mesh complications ARE NOT MANAGEABLE - NO MATTER WHAT THE FDA OR DOCTORS SAY. I'm here to let you know that. I know too many with SUI complications.

"Right now I want to address Valium. I just found out recently about this issue and I've seen it mentioned very often on Jane's site. (I knew that surgeries could cause issues (anesthesia), but have been assured by the anesthesiologists that I've seen, that it is safe for long term memory, especially now since there are new meds on the market (this is what I've been told by numerous anesthesiologists).

"Warning; I've been on Valium since 2009. Lately, I've been having short term memory loss which is driving my husband crazy. I literally cannot remember a conversation I've had with him just a day before. I found out (accidentally, by asking questions) from my husband's Dr. that Valium is the best medication for muscle spasms and he prescribes it for his surgical patients. But he does not prescribe it 'long term' because there are studies that show it can cause memory loss 'long term'. That wasn't on my label or literature. Do we have to study everything beyond the label and insert?? Oh, how I wish my Dr. would have told me this! I'd have suffered the spasms and only used the medication for 9-10 pain instead of 6 and above as recommended. (I have stopped taking it totally now).

"In addition, I know a lady who had mesh put in and was having "problems". She was in surgery for an "adjustment" and then suffered an Alzheimer's type disease from the anesthesia. Mesh is now on the back burner. So now we have an Alzheimer's patient with mesh. The lawyers are suing for negligent anesthesiologists. It has happened to more than one person at this place. So the mesh issue isn't being addressed (it was denied in the first place). But you and I know the pain she was suffering . . . led to the surgery . . . which led to the negligent anesthesiologists.

"I ask you how many are out there?

"There are alternatives to anesthesia, and for those who are having multiple procedures (it's over time-unless negligence is involved). From my own experiences I suggest - take the alternative. They can do a block and give IV medications which will assure you're "asleep" for the surgery. I am not a doctor but, like Nonie, I've read every report I can. I've searched the web, read literature, and have spoken to as many as I can to figure out this huge life altering mess! If you're suffering from mesh complications, don't give up. There is help out there, it's just hard to find. Jane has given us an absolutely exceptional site to go to for information. Thank you Jane!"

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