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Jane Akre
October 29, 2015
Jane Akre, editor MND

Jane Akre, editor MND

MND, November 1, 2015 ~ Welcome to Mesh News Desk, AKA Mesh Medical Device News Desk. For more than four years now, this effort has focused on putting a face on the mesh-injuries suffered by thousands of people globally. It should be front-page news. It is not. The injuries come from the use of polypropylene mesh for treatment of pelvic floor prolapse, hernias and incontinence.

It’s quite clear with hundreds of thousands of injuries globally that there is a problem with the polypropylene. Numerous trials have uncovered the material shrinks, erodes and harbors bacteria. Anecdotally, many report they developed autoimmune issues after they received their mesh implant. Frightening when you consider it is still used today by mainstream doctors. Even meshes already found to be defectively designed in a court of law are still used by many doctors who view mesh as an improvement over old fashioned suture reinforcement or using a patient’s own fascia to reinforce weakened tissue.

The use of mesh has become a front line defense rather than a last effort. Even our U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the risks may outweigh the benefits!

It’s quite clear that many readers are new to the issues and there will be more stories upcoming on the basics of mesh. Please use the search option to research your topic of interest. Join the mailing list to receive an occasional newsletter.

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Settlement talks are underway with four of five manufacturers and many women are finding their case is worth virtually nothing. Remember when you sign a settlement document, you agree not to disclose anything and you agree not to pursue legal remedies in the future for any mesh-related injuries. Think carefully about what you are throwing away. Many women insist their case go forward to trial, no matter how long that may take.

This is not just a U.S. problem as we export our mesh products globally and the number of pelvic mesh injured women exceed 100,000 globally.

Pudendal Nerve, YouTube

Pudendal Nerve, YouTube

If you have not checked into it, please consider a further medical workup for pudendal nerve damage. Life Care Solutions and Dr. Greg Vigna, who is a sponsor, is offering to work with your law firm on that diagnosis and a life care plan to outline your medical needs in the future. The dollar amounts will be considered as part of your settlement before the Special Master.

Dr. Christopher Walker of Orlando is also a sponsor. A caring, kind and compassionate doctor, he understands mesh injuries and is very willing to lend his expertise to consult with you. Click on his photo to contact him.

There are now 85,000 lawsuits filed in one court, consolidated before Judge Joseph Goodwin in Charleston, WV. That will be the location of many of the upcoming trials. Expect rallies outside of the court.

As a publisher, Mesh News Desk will do what it can to provide information to empower those injured. This is not intended to substitute for advice from your law firm (your editor is not a lawyer or a doctor). Law firms are welcome to issue a press release to their clients and reach thousands of readers a day through this website. Mesh News Desk is not a legal referral service.

Our policy is to label sponsored content as such. Comments on this site may result in enrollment in a Mesh Newsletter, which is published occasionally. Please consider writing for Mesh News Desk. You can remain anonymous. Your opinions are welcomed and valued.

Federal courthouse, Charleston, WV

Federal courthouse, Charleston, WV

PayPal donations are much appreciated. See Page One for the link.

Stay well everyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s carry on shall we?

Your editorial assistants! Ella, Bruiser and Peanut

Your editorial assistants! Ella, Bruiser and Peanut

~ Jane Akre, Editor and editorial assistants

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