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Jane Akre
September 17, 2015
Your co-editors

Your co-editors

MND, September 17, 2015 ~ For those of you new to the complications of pelvic and hernia mesh, Mesh News Desk has been covering the issue for more than four years now. We’ve been to several trials and listened to the evidence. It’s quite clear that there are problems with pelvic mesh and hernia mesh. It’s also abundantly clear that doctors are still not up to speed on those complications. One woman said recently her doctor made circles around her ear (ie crazy) when the patient said she suspected her complications started after an implant.

Adding insult to injury.

Pelvic mesh and hernia mesh is almost all made from polypropylene (PP) and the manufacturing process is similar to the PP used for fishing line. It was not intended to be made into medical devices,according to the Material Safety Data sheets that accompany the raw resin.

Not to say all complications are mesh-related. Some may be from preexisting conditions. But the high number of pain, infections, autoimmune reactions, rashes, fibromyalgia, and lupus readers complain of are too many to explain away.

This month we have a study that indicates better trained high-volume doctors have fewer complications. What we’ve learned from trials defies that logic. Many high volume doctors, who were hired as consultants and preceptors to mesh makers have patients who complain of complications. Could it be the polypropylene?

Four years ago this month, the FDA began looking to reclassify mesh for pelvic organ prolapse as High Risk. What's happened? Nothing. September 24th the FDA will look at another medical device harming women, the Essure birth control permanent implant, made by Bayer. Stay tuned. The hearing promises to be well-attended.

After a lull in trials this spring and summer, as the court hoped each side would come to some settlement talks, trials will start gearing up this fall. Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon division will be the subject of much litigation. The company already has an unfavorable running from two juries that its TVT-O mesh was defectively designed. Still it remains on the market.

This is not just a U.S. problem as we export our mesh products globally and the number of pelvic mesh injured women exceed 100,000 globally.

Settlements are coming in from a few mesh manufacturers. There is a disclosure clause with any settlement, however many tell MND they're being told to sign papers that will end any chance of future litigation in exchange for a few thousand dollars. In some cases for zero dollars after Medicaid, the law firms, insurance and lenders are all paid. Many women are just saying “No.” Some fire their law firms and look for other representation.

If you have not checked into it, please consider a further medical workup for pudendal nerve damage. Life Care Solutions and Dr. Greg Vigna, who is a sponsor, is offering to work with your law firm on that diagnosis and a life care plan to outline your medical needs in the future. The dollar amounts will be considered as part of your settlement before the Special Master.

There are now 81,000 lawsuits filed in one court, consolidated before Judge Joseph Goodwin in Charleston, WV. That will be the location of many of the upcoming trials. Expect rallies outside of the court.

As a publisher, Mesh News Desk will do what it can to provide information to empower those injured. This is not intended to substitute for advice from your law firm (your editor is not a lawyer or a doctor). Unfortunately, there are far too many stories of law firms failing to communicate with their clients. Firms can file press releases on these pages to speak to their clients and reach thousands of readers a day. Our policy is to label sponsored content as such. Comments on this site may result in enrollment in a Mesh Newsletter, which is published occasionally.

Please consider writing for Mesh News Desk. You can remain anonymous. Your opinions are welcomed and valued.

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Stay well everyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s carry on shall we?

~ Jane Akre, Editor

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