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Jane Akre
April 7, 2015
Akre at M&M surgical suites

Akre at M&M surgical suites

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Mesh News Desk.... also known a Mesh Medical Device News Desk. If you are new to the pelvic and hernia mesh complications, you are at the right place.

Started nearly four years ago, Mesh News Desk (MND) attempts to keep readers up-to-date on the latest events concerning this common medical procedure that has an unusually high number of adverse events (AE). Yet the industry keeps denying there is a problem. Could 100,000 pelvic mesh lawsuits be generated by eager attorneys and irresponsible women? Could men and women experiencing hernia complications just be under the influence of a mass hysteria? Or as many believe, are these just the outcomes of lesser experienced doctors? If so, we should be afraid, very afraid.

The fact is, there is a high adverse event rate following a mesh implant. Additionally, there are associated autoimmune issues such as rashes, fibromyalgia, lupus, a weakened immune system, among others. Add these symptoms to mesh implants that tend to shrink, contract, entrap nerves, cause chronic, debilitating pain, infection and migrate. As many as one-third of recipients may experience these complications soon after implantation. There is evidence that the process of mesh changes is ongoing and there have been no long term studies for safety and efficacy. Unfortunately, you are it!

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There were so many complications reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that in July 2011, it issued its strongest worded warning that mesh complications are "not rare" and that pelvic mesh should be a last resort when other treatments do not work.

Information for Health Care Providers for POP”, indicating doctors should consider these factors before placing surgical mesh:

  • Recognize that in most cases, POP can be treated successfully without mesh.
  • Surgical mesh is a permanent implant that may make future surgical repair more challenging.
  • Having a mesh surgery may put the patient at risk for requiring additional surgery or for the development of new complications.
  • Removal of mesh due to mesh complications may involve multiple surgeries and significantly impair the patient’s quality of life. Complete removal of mesh may not be possibleand may not result in complete resolution of complications, including pain.

Still, doctors continue to refer to pelvic mesh for incontinence as the "Gold Standard." The disconnect is very difficult to understand and impossible to explain. Some feel mesh for SUI is safer than for POP, but anecdotally, your editor is hearing from many injured with the smaller SUI mesh "slings." Ultimately, the responsibility rests with medical consumers learning the latest information to be truly informed before giving their consent to any mesh implant. That's why we are here!

Doctors need to understand that increasingly they are being sued for medical malpractice for NOT informing their patients. By now, doctors should understand that telling patients"this is different mesh" is not accurate (polypropylene is polypropylene) and that a one percent complications rate is simply not true. Please use the Search bar on page one of Mesh News Desk. Please contact Bruce Rosenberg of the Meshoma Foundation with your questions about hernia mesh, the best doctors and if any litigation is underway. 954-701-5094 and keep trying him.

Thanks to Courtroom View Network for access to trial video feeds. I encourage mesh injured and their families to attend one of these trials in person if you can. Even for one day. It appears there will be a number of women at the August 24th trial of Edwards v. Ethicon.

GoFundMe – Your donations are appreciated to allow court coverage, even in the form of mileage for hotels and air. Also much appreciated are your thoughts shared with the website. For those wanting to donate – there is a GoFundMe page to contribute to journalism in the public interest. There is a PayPal link on the first page of the website on the right hand side. Your contributions are much appreciated! (Please if you are mesh injured and suffering financially as well, you do not need to contribute, however if you are a law firm and using the services here, please consider an ongoing subscription. Writing services can be contracted, turning any of the content on the site into accurate, up-to-date stories for your website. Contact me!).

MND is NOT a legal referral service! It is written by your editor, a journalist. Here is a list of upcoming cases we would like to cover. Even a donation of airline miles can help offset the cost of a hotel. Again, Thank you!

Advertisers – Advertisers are beginning to understand, Mesh News Desk has been around going on four years now and 5,000 viewers a day is not uncommon. Want to have your words seen on MND, in an ad or an essay? Contact janeakre@meshnewsdesk.com. Mesh News Desk is grateful to our advertisers. With 6,000 views a day- what are you waiting for?

Please visit the About Us page to learn more.

Your emails are never shared unless you request. Providing your email may result in enrollment in the newsletter. Thank you all! Hang in there friends. A new year, renewed determination!

Jane Akre, Editor


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