Welcome October- Media Tsunami Over Mesh Mess

Jane Akre
October 1, 2017

Light Brigade, 2014, New Brunswick, NJ

Welcome October 2017 to Mesh Medical Device News Desk~

This past month has seen an incredible uptick in the number of mainstream media stories generated on the mesh controversy. Canadian television, Australia, UK, Scotland - all front page stories on the mesh controversy!

Calls from media coming into Mesh News Desk (Mesh Medical Device News Desk) like never before in its entire 6 year history and reporters are really interested in the nuts and bolts of this story.


Thank you if you have worked with your local media to raise awareness on this important issue! Thank you, thank you!

The media coverage is not good news for the manufacturers of polypropylene mesh who continue to insist that adverse events or complications are very low, while they continue to lose millions in court and have their products judged defective. The truth is estimates on injuries are not known but estimated to be as high as 30%.

It is not good news for the many doctors who cling to the outdated notion that a device that has harmed hundreds of thousands is the “Gold Standard.”

As I write this AUGS, the American Urogynecological Association is preparing to hold its industry-supported annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island Oct. 3-7. Having attended it last year (and being disinvited after a series of stories) the medical society continues to shun patient presence while highlighting Key Opinion Leaders who head many of the sessions while serving as consultants to industry.

There continues to exist a huge disconnect between actual patient outcomes and the medical societies continued insistence on retropubic and transobturator midurethral slings as a first-line treatment for SUI. Patient presence would help. See AUGS on industry underwriters.

Sheila Bossier,
Bossier & Assoc. 877-204-6883

Welcome to lawyer, Sheila Bossier of Bossier and Associates as a new advertiser to Mesh News Desk! Ms. Bossier is one of the few remaining lawyers who is committed to seeing through mesh injuries to trial or settlement, especially considering mesh is still being used and injuries will continue to occur.

Mesh Medical Device News Desk is advertiser-based, and very appreciative of your donations to keep the door open. We are NOT a legal referral service and your name is never shared.

And hernia implanted patients continue to call Mesh News Desk and patient advocate, Bruce Rosenberg at record numbers. Best to text him at 954-701-5094. He may be able to direct you. Information here should not substitute for legal or medical advice from professionals!

If you have a mesh implant please 1) keep your medical records 2) familiarize yourself with the manufacturer and type of mesh you have 3) if you are represented by a law firm, insist on seeing a copy of your case and make sure it has been filed, get a case number. If you are not yet represented, be a wise consumer and negotiate your contract with a law firm. As they say, everything is negotiable!

Mesh News Desk (MND or MMDND) has been covering the issues surrounding pelvic and hernia mesh for more than five years now.

Please enter your search terms in the Search Bar to do research. If you click on the headers such as “Legal” “News” “Medical” you will see stories filed under that topic, more than 1,000 now. Please do not use your last names when you comment! You can also post anonymously, making up a name.

Your donations help keep the doors open. Your purchase of BeautyCounter products will help sustain Mesh Medical Device News Desk. Start Shopping here! Thank you.

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