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Jane Akre
June 6, 2016

What's happening in June with Mesh News Desk!

Welcome to Mesh News Desk (MND), also known as Mesh Medical Device News Desk. For five years, MND has been covering the issue of pelvic mesh and will continue to do so until it is on the front page of every newspaper, every day. That's where it belongs!

We’ve never seen such an important story that was ignored by mainstream media with hundreds of thousands of women, men and families adversely affected by a little “gold standard” medical device intended to fix a largely inconvenient condition of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Please check out our friend (not advertiser), Whole Woman, for alternative treatments to prolapse and incontinence here.

While trials against Johnson & Johnson will begin this summer in Charleston, WV and Philadelphia, PA, we have a couple of state Attorneys General offices who have just filed lawsuits against J&J for fraudulently marketing their defective products to residents of California and Washington State.

If you live in Kentucky, the Attorney General, Andy Beshear, would like to hear from you. Main switchboard 502-696-5300, http://ag.ky.gov/Pages/contact.aspx

One woman began the Washington State complaint four years ago and MND News Desk and Corporate Action Network alerted various AG offices in a nationwide effort to bring awareness to the misdeeds of seven mesh manufacturers. We understand 46 AGs are looking into similar actions.

chronic pain

Mesh settlements have been largely disappointing. The latest company to add insult to injury is Caldera which is offering women about $1,500 after legal fees. Complicating the issue is that women have been told to keep quiet so their individual case is not compromised in the settlement process. Meanwhile, attorneys will collect their 40% and the woman, for the most part, walks away with less than the law firm, even the law firm that just shuffled her case to another.

For that she has given up her voice AND signs a nondisclosure agreement that she can never speak up. "Samantha" is opting out of the Caldera limited settlement. Please follow her story here.

Prolene mesh

Prolene mesh

For those of who are newly implanted and wondering if it could happen to you, or if you are beginning to have complications, I’m sorry. Doctors are still telling women, “It’s different mesh,” or “The bad mesh has been recalled.” Unfortunately this is not true. Ask if it’s polypropylene or a composite with polypropylene. Ask to see the recall notice. Your doctor will likely sense you are trouble and show you the door.

See the story “Top 10 Myths Women are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh” here.

Don’t hesitate to use the legal evaluation link on page one of Mesh News Desk to find a lawyer who is still taking cases since many are not.

We are still taking reports of autoimmune complications and please fill out those forms if you have developed Lupus, fibromyalgia, joint aches, pains, rashes, brain fog, tooth loss. Scientists will be evaluating the autoimmune issues very soon and we will announce that when it is official. Hope's autoimmune registry is here.

MND is also attempting to get lawyers interested in complications from hernia mesh. If you are a law firm taking those cases, please reach out here so we can put you on our radar!

Please use the Search Bar to explore any topic mesh-related. There are more than 700 stories posted over the last five years. You can also click on the Legal or Medical category title to see what has been filed under that category.

Gay and Linda at J&J meeting

J&J Shareholders meeting. Injured speak truth to CEO

News on Mesh News Desk is not intended to substitute for information from lawyers and doctors. It's founder is a journalist who is NOT mesh injured, however the community of injured is really awesome! Many women find relief just knowing they are not alone and learning from each other! There are some smart women here and we welcome your essays, opinions, contributions in any form. Ask a question to those who are on the Facebook site. Thank you for those who have written (you can do so anonymously).

Jane Akre, editor, Mesh News Desk

Jane Akre, editor, Mesh News Desk

Please refrain from using your actual name and posting any confidential information you receive from your law firm. It could negate the settlement agreement you may have signed.

Please sign up for the Mesh Newsletter (here) to keep you up on the latest here and thank you goes out to the many supporters who help bring light to mesh injuries of all kinds. Your generous support makes this effort possible.

Jane Akre
Editor, Mesh News Desk

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