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Jane Akre
July 4, 2017

July 3, 2017

Mesh Medical Device News Desk has been at this for five years now, delivering news and information concerning this horrific chapter in American healthcare.

If you are a steady reader, would you consider a monthly donation? Even a small amount will help with this effort to bring the latest mesh and medical device news.

Patients are still being implanted with polypropylene mesh, not just transvaginal mesh. There are one million hernia mesh surgeries a year. Still the questions remain about the biocompatibility of PP mesh. Those questions are not answered, yet still it is used.

Thank you for contributing to this effort to uncover what we don't know in an effort to add to the body of what we do know.

Mesh Medical Device News Desk is not a legal referral service and does not belong to any law firm. I DO take advertising and sponsored content, which is marked as such. If contributing to comment section, please do not use your last name! Thank you.

Settlement offers are coming in to many readers with transvaginal mesh and many of you who write that you will not take them!

When you do, you sign away your right ever to file another action AND you must keep quiet about the settlement amount. Your pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium and punitive damages are not considered in these settlements, and except for a few of you they are very disappointing. Please think carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

If your doctor is suggesting transvaginal mesh, also known as a "sling" or "hammock" will cure your incontinence, read on! Ask if your doctor can do a non-mesh repair and if you are a candidate.

These pages will attest to the fact that that is the most important research you can do to help yourself. Advocate for yourself before surgery, and certainly afterward!

Jane Akre, editor MND

MND continues to believe that information is power and that global coverage of transvaginal mesh and hernia mesh use is important! If you have not suffered harm, congratulations! You are among the lucky ones. At least for now.

At this time, no one can tell you if you will have an adverse reaction and when. Hopefully you will not.

So that’s July for you.

Happy Birthday America.

Pray for us all!

Jane Akre, Editor
Mesh News Desk, aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk

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