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Jane Akre
November 1, 2016
Fall leaves

Fall leaves

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 1, 2016 ~ Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, your website for news and updates on pelvic and hernia mesh, its implications, complications and outcomes, both medically and legally.

If you are new to the mesh mess, welcome! Mesh News Desk (MND) aka MMDND has been covering this issue for five years now.

We are not beholden to any influences here, just coverage that is in the public interest. Advertisers or sponsors are clearly labeled. Advertisers are welcome. I look forward to receiving any essays by you all – doctors, lawyers, mesh-injured, observers of this dark chapter in medical product innovation.

This website should not be considered medical advice. Nor should it substitute for any legal advice from professionals. Many readers turn here however because they say their law firms are not talking to them!

Please use the Search Bar to look up any stories from the archives!

As you may know, there were so many pelvic mesh cases that multidistrict litigation was formed (MDL) in January 2012 to handle all of the cases. The theory was that lower court rulings would be more consistent and that attorneys could share work product and not have to reinvent the wheel to prepare a case for trial.

For a while bellwether cases were heard against four main manufacturers – Boston Scientific, Ethicon (J&J), AMS and C.R. Bard – but then they stopped. Mesh makers slowly offered settlement, most insufficient for those patients who will need long-term care.

Now Judge Joseph Goodwin, overseeing the MDL, has given firm deadlines to ready the oldest cases (Wave 4) sitting on the Ethicon docket to make them trial ready. Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas has 163 cases ready to go to trial beginning in December, most naming J&J.

All of this is to say that the great lapse between trials may soon close.

As of today - there are 97,293 product liability lawsuits filed in Judge Goodwin’s court alone. The MDL never imagined this could happen as it’s never happened before!

If you have experienced an autoimmune disorder SINCE YOUR IMPLANT, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers would like to hear from you. Please feel free to enter your information in this registry.

As researchers are looking into the thousands of anecdotal reports of autoimmune and systemic reactions whether it be fibromyalgia, joint pain, Lupus, rashes, hair falling out, teeth falling out, the list goes on, but the symptoms reported are remarkably similar.

If you have hernia mesh, it is made of the same polypropylene and some law firms are starting to take these cases seriously. Stay tuned as MND plans more on the latest hernia mesh litigation efforts.

Stay well and learn from each other. Lawyers - call your clients! Or you could run a PR release through Mesh News so many could have the benefit of seeing it at the same time.

Please feel free to share you experience on these pages. You can write anonymously.


Stay well friends,

Jane Akre, Editor


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