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Jane Akre
November 2, 2017

Desara mesh by Caldera Medical

Mesh Medical Device News Desk~ Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, your website for news and updates on pelvic and hernia mesh, its implications, complications and outcomes, both medically and legally.

If you are new to the mesh mess, welcome! Mesh News Desk (MND) has been covering this issue for more than seven years now. The goal is to raise the profile on the horrendous complications associated with polypropylene mesh used both for hernia and pelvic organ repair.

The medical establishment continues to reject that notion, even though there are thousand of injured consumers around the globe!

Please do not use your real names in the Comment section since lawyers have advised most women to keep a low profile online.

This website should not be considered medical or legal advice, but a publication. Please use the Search Bar (See "Q" on Tool Bar top of page) to look up any stories from the seven years of archives!

Also did you know you can click on the "Heading ie, News, Legal, Medical etc. and find stories filed under that heading?

As you may know, there were so many pelvic mesh cases that multidistrict litigation was formed (MDL) in January 2012 in Charleston, WV to handle all of the cases. As of 2018, the West Virginia court stopped taking new cases. They will be filed in your state jurisdiction or the home state of your mesh manufacturer.

There are many morepelvic mesh cases filed in California and New Jersey. The numbers continue to expand as doctors continue to use transvaginal polypropylene (PP) mesh to treat incontinence and even for pelvic organ prolapse.

The larger pelvic organ prolapse (POP) mesh has been reclassified as "high risk" so patients should understand even the Food and Drug Administration hesitates to recommend it as a first-line therapy.

If your doctor suggests a "hammock" or "tape" might be a good solution, understand that is PP "mesh" with upward of a 30% complication rate. Most women writing on these pages say it is the worst decision of their life. Admittedly, these are the patients who did not do well, others do okay, at least for time being. No one knows what the long-term consequences will be.

Know what questions to ask your doctor (here) and find out if he/she can harvest a "sling" from your own body.

There are 104,749 product liability lawsuits filed in Judge Goodwin’s court alone. The MDL never imagined cases would swell to this number. There have been no new cases added in any MDL in this court since November 2017!

Dr. Robert Bendavid, Shouldice Clinic, Toronto

If you have hernia mesh, it is made of the same polypropylene and some law firms are starting to take these cases seriously. Stay tuned as MND plans more on the latest hernia mesh litigation efforts. Dr. Robert Bendavid graciously answers questions for MND readers. Write him here.

Lawyers are presently seeking clients who have complications from C-Qur hernia mesh as well as Physiomesh by Ethicon, but MND gets calls from people implanted with Prolite, UltraPro and Kugel who are also having problems. Perhaps it is the polypropylene(PP)? See that story here.

Stay well and learn from each other. Lawyers – call your clients and or run a PR release through Mesh News Desk so many could have the benefit of seeing it at the same time. How's that for a win-win!

Please feel free to share you experience on these pages, and if you choose, your donations would help offset the costs involved with this effort. Thank you.


Stay well friends,

Jane Akre, Editor


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