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Jane Akre
April 5, 2017

Spring, WikiCommons

Mesh News Desk, April 2017 ~ Welcome to Mesh News Desk (MND), also known as Mesh Medical Device News Desk where we following the goings on of the largely unregulated medical device industry and its fallout on the public.

Synthetic polypropylene mesh and its biologic cousins are used to treat hernia and incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. For more than five years, this website has been following the legal, medical and regulatory news that has come from this unfortunate chapter in American medical treatment.

Prolene mesh

Pelvic and hernia mesh is still used every day and often doctors are trained to use mesh medical devices as the go-to treatment for hernias, incontinence and prolapse, despite the many injuries that have resulted from their use.

Despite what you are told, The Mesh Is the Same!

Protesters, fed court Charleston WV

There are more than 100,000 product liability lawsuits filed in just one court amassed in Charleston, WV and many more filed in various state courts including California and New Jersey.

The bellwether trials, that are supposed to give each side an idea of the value of the cases, have largely gone by the wayside and now we appear to be in standoff mode as the last holdout manufacturers, Boston Sci, Bard and J&J, are in a game of chicken with plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Protest in Charleston WV fed court, June 2015

Who will last the longest? The one with the deepest pockets? Meanwhile the women linger. Those who want to take their chance in state court are often denied essentially denying her 7th Amendment right to trial.

So that’s where we stand.

Despite the product liability litigation, mesh is still used every day. Women are told “It’s different mesh.” It isn’t.

See the story “Top 10 Myths Women are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh” here

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Prolene hernia mesh removed after 1.5 yr.

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If you are told you need polypropylene mesh to correct prolapse or incontinence, you will need to direct your own medical care and be a truly informed consumer. Ask if the doctor can do a non-mesh repair as a first line of treatment?

We hope these pages help you toward that goal. Unless and until one can predict who will react negatively, the Precautionary Principle is advised.

These pages will attest to that.

Your Editor,

Jane Akre

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