Welcome MAM - Mesh Awareness Movement Gathers Women in Support

Jane Akre
March 26, 2015

MAM Mesh Awareness Movement

This section is dedicated to all the mesh victims, their families and supporters specifically for organizing, discussing, planning or anything else related to the Mesh Awareness Movement.

This includes dates, times and locations for peaceful MAM gatherings, creating MAM media awareness ideas and sharing links, volunteering, networking, etc etc.

We need to rally together, all the victims, family members and supporters to organize peaceful and supportive gatherings showing our many faces, reminding them (Judges, Defense Attorneys, Mesh Manufacturers and our Attorneys) that we are not just case numbers!

I understand we are not to speak of the details of our case, but we CAN be seen! We don’t need to yell or hold up offending signs. Our presence alone is enough to send the powerful message we need. STANDING TOGETHER, UNITED IN SUPPORT.

J&J awareness, April 2014, Courtesy: Corporation Action Network

J&J awareness, April 2014, Courtesy: Corporation Action Network

I am not asking anyone or suggesting in any way that we jeopardize the outcome of our cases. Anyone uncomfortable about this can simply BE PRESENT at one of the gatherings and not say a word. If we stand together, I truly believe we can make a positive difference.

There are several ways we can do this.

I know most of you are like me, in pain and struggling financially or drowning in debt which makes it difficult to commit to expensive travel or you’re in too much pain to make the journey to West Virginia. Perhaps there’s a solution, all those able could gather at your own state capitol building on July 12th and/or 13th. I’m sure there are enough victims, family members and supporters to cover every state in this country! And if we can get news coverage… even better!

For those who physically can’t make it to their state capitol, we are working on ideas to get you there in spirit. You will not be left out. But first and most importantly, MAM needs volunteers. If you want to help but you’re in too much pain to move, we’ll find a way for you to be a part of this movement from your bed or chair. No one will be left out. You can remain anonymous or use a fictional name, whatever makes you comfortable. I’m volunteering myself to help organize all of this because I’m tired of being stagnate! But I sure could use some help, I have the willingness but not all the “know how” for social communication and media coordinating so I’m asking for volunteers to be on the steering committee. We’ll also need a volunteer from each state to be the lead contact for that state. This will get us started.

Currently we are working on MAM gatherings for Sunday, July 12th 2015 at the State Capitols and Monday, July 13th 2015 at the State Capitols and at the Courthouse for the opening day of the Bellwether Trial in West Virginia.

New Brunswick, NJ, April 2014 gathering

New Brunswick, NJ, April 2014 gathering

We are also working on; MAM ribbons that we can all proudly wear, maybe made from black mesh fabric with a purple felt heart in the middle? (Volunteers and ideas still required) MAM quilt made from squares of fabric donated by and representing each and every victim. This quilt will be taken to the courthouse in West Virginia on July 13th and held with honor. (Volunteers needed to collect/receive all the fabric squares donated by the victims, and volunteers needed with sewing machines to sew them together) MAM is for all of us!

Your ideas, suggestions and opinions are the heartbeat of this movement. I consider myself blessed to be a part of it and I’m looking forward to sharing in the love and support of all the others involved in the Mesh Awareness Movement. Yes MAM Lets do something! Lisa (Florida). Write: meshawarenessmovement@gmail.com

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