Your Turn: Dental Issues and Mesh Complications

Jane Akre
January 14, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 14, 2018 ~ So many people who have had polypropylene mesh implanted complain of dental issues - missing teeth, cracked teeth, gums receding.

While dental issues do arise as we age, there seems to be an unusual number of dental health issues noted among the mesh-injured community. Are these mesh complications?

Here are the comments of one woman, who chooses to remain anonymous. She has a question you might help with at the end.

She is also a nurse.

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"Okay my mesh brothers and sisters, I need and would so appreciate some feedback that I can show my dentist in regard to our complaints and hopefully some research which shows the adverse effects of mesh on our teeth!

"I have already spent so much over the last 5 years (5 crowns) and have lost several teeth...I am so heartbroken and I am so tired of investing thousands (that I don't have and probably won't ever have as I most likely won't ever live long enough to see justice with my lawsuit!).

"I don't have dental insurance but did purchase my dentist's yearly plan ($250) but because my teeth are cracking so badly, because my mesh created foot-drop caused me to fall and lose a tooth 2 years ago, and because now my gums are receding, I have been told I need $15,000 more to crown the rest as they are so brittle or are losing their enamel and setting me up for high risk of decay. (Vit.D/calcium levels are within normal limits).

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"I told my dentist about how many of us are suffering with biofilm/bacterial issues due to the mesh and I just know my issues started after implant in 2010 and I said this deeply concerns me because I can't be investing in something over and over again if I am eventually gonna lose my teeth because of the mesh. (I have already had to go on disability and while I really like my dentist, I honestly feel like I am being taken advantage of).

"My dentist then looked at me and kindly said, "Well, (name) show me some concrete information on that because and I will review everything because I have never heard of anything like that."

"I am hoping if I can provide info. to her that she will be more apt to empathetically help me and with my PTSD, I don't want to leave her office and start over somewhere else because I am comfortable there.

"So family, if anyone could send me some links or tell what they know or have been through, I would be so grateful as I have to go back on Tuesday. Thank you!"

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