This Has To Stop!

Jane Akre
September 11, 2014


A mesh injured woman who does not want to be identified writes:

"These products need to stop! Life as it once was before my mesh implant is gone.

"It has been replaces with relentless pain 24/7, total loss of my bladder and bowels, infections. For years I went from doctor to doctor looking for answers to why my legs were hurting so bad and losing my balance, no one could answer why.

"Then I could no longer any feeling of touch in my legs. Years went by, years of just not feeling good like I had the flu ,again no one could answer why I was feeling so sick. Genetic testing to see if I had a genetic neuro/muscular disease, negative. This went onto spinal cord injury testing, negative. Then my bladder started to fail followed by my bowels, and the list goes on and on until finally I found a doctor that knew what the hell was going on. Bottom line, 5 surgeries later and more to go. This should be looked at as a crime and pure torture on women. We were human research !

"To take a loss of ones total health, a loss of every thing one even owned to use the money trying to find answers on why I am suffering in so much pain, to lose my home, the ability to ever work, to walk in the park with my grandchildren, bankruptcy, and a life of pain medication, a bladder pacemaker, intimacy is a memory and it does not end ! I personally know 4 women who have taken their own life, unable to cope with the loss of a life they once knew and the endless pain that will never go away.

"Thank You from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to peoples attention. It is very alarming that the major media is just ignoring this, it makes one wonder why their lack of motivation to report on this. You can't bite the hand that feeds you ? For the ones that suffer, this is not about money. There is not enough money to ever take this away, ever ! It is about stopping the cover up and fess up to these wrong doings to fill the pockets of greed.

"The term " Gold Standard" which is the term that these companies call this junk, must mean the gold that's in their bank account because it sure as hell robbed so many of their "Golden Years" I know it has mine. To know that every day, women are walking into hospitals thinking that this will give them a better quality of life, unbeknown to them, their life is about to turn into a real nightmare.

"This has to STOP !! And the only way to stop these products from ever destroying another persons life it to get it out into the media - NOW!"

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