Tenth Annual Whole Woman Conference is Now!

Jane Akre
August 12, 2021

Hello Friends of Mesh News Desk~

Time’s Up!  Friday is the launch of the 10th annual Whole Woman Conference, August 13-15. This virtual gathering is led by registered nurse and Whole Woman founder, Christine Kent, joined by women working in the area of alignment, managing urinary incontinence, chronic knee/hip pain, post-hysterectomy, menopause, and natural solutions to problems unsolved by mainstream medicine. 

Health is Aligned with Nature,” begins Friday evening, 6 pm Mountain Daylight time, brought to you by Zoom. You have to travel no further than your home to join knowledgeable women from around the world who have solved their own problems of prolapse and incontinence.

Check out Christine Kent, the speakers, many of whom cured their own prolapse and incontinence, and How to Register. 

Here is a Link: https://www.wholewoman.com/conference-bridge

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