September Brings Renewed Life in Mesh Litigation

Jane Akre
September 1, 2017

Prolift, from Sumsuro, Japan

Welcome September from Mesh Medical Device News Desk~ Mesh News Desk has been carefully watching the proceedings that are public, many of your settlements are not, and the sense is that we are nearing an end to unsustainable litigation.

Just two weeks ago, mesh manufacture, Johnson & Johnson was hit with a $417 million loss in its talcum powder litigation, which is another product liability front for this healthcare giant with hundreds more cases waiting in the wings.

So far J&J has lost $48 million in pelvic mesh litigation in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas alone. That does not include the multidistrict litigation gathered in Charleston, WV or individual state trials.

Since the company says “sustainability” and “putting people first” is its motto, it’s tough to understand how hundreds of millions of dollars in losses before juries can be defined as "sustainable."

Maybe they could follow the advice of one shareholder at the April’s gathering in New Brunswick, New Jersey and just “get meaner lawyers.”

No doubt J&J has the best lawyers money can buy, mean or not.

J&J is the focus this month because the company is the last large mesh manufacturer to offer mass settlements. J&J also has more mesh product liability cases, 55,000, according to its latest SEC federal government filing. Polypropylene mesh has been used for about twenty years to make pelvic mesh implants which are permanent. The mesh was not tested and for many, doesn't only fail to work but causes life-altering complications.

Mesh News Desk (MND or MMDND) has been covering the issues surrounding pelvic and hernia mesh for five years now. Please enter your search terms in the Search Bar to do research and if you click on the headers such as “Legal” “News” “Medical” you will see stories filed under that topic.

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J&J and Boston Scientific are also facing a host of new trials set for the end of this year and 2018. Stay tuned.

Congratulations for all of the media coverage gathering overseas. Still, that is not the case in the U.S. for some unknown reason.

Many of you call asking questions of MND. While I’m happy to help and often do, looking up your case, answering questions, even though I’m not an attorney or doctor, I cannot possibly get back to all of you. I apologize. Call again if you need to talk. You should consult with your doctor or lawyer for their expertise as these pages are not meant to substitute for professional opinions.

Jane Akre, federal courthouse, Charleston WV

So many hernia-injured folks contact me as well. I ask them to contact Bruce Rosenberg, hernia mesh injured patient advocate. Best to text him at 954-701-5094. He may be able to direct you medically.

Please learn what kind of mesh you have, the type and manufacturer. Please stay actively involved in your case. In some cases, plaintiffs have been dropped because they moved and their law firm could no longer find them, at least not easily.

Please be kind to each other....thank you.

Jane Akre, Editor

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