Scotland Mesh Ban Continues With Your Help

Jane Akre
July 24, 2017

Elaine Holmes, Scottish Mesh Survivors

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 24, 2017 ~ Scotland has led the way with a ban on mesh procedures due to the tireless campaigning of the mesh injured.

You can help them and here's how:

Elaine Holmes testifying to Parliament

In Scotland - Elaine Holmes of Scottish Mesh Survivors is urging women across the world to add their own views and experiences to help campaigners persuade the Scottish government to keep the mesh implant suspension in place.

Scotland does not have the authority to outright ban mesh that lies with the MHRA, Scotland’s version of the FDA. It is almost wholly funded by the medical industry many of which make mesh implants, according to the group.

However Scotland can continue the suspension for as long as it takes for more awareness to show the dangers.

If Scotland's leads the way in protecting women from further injury. “Let’s hope other countries will follow suit and stop playing Russian Roulette with women's lives,” says Elaine.

Doctors have failed to lodge the true injury figures allowing manufacturers and watchdogs to continue claiming these procedures are safe. Women everywhere need to use their voice to get the truth out there

Photo from Daily Record, UK

We hope women all over will send their views to our Parliament so we can make a difference around d the world,” says Elaine.

The links are below and it is vital that campaigners around the world help each other by spreading the truth about these dangerous devices. If woman will please take a few moments to write their views to add to the petition, this will help influence our politicians and hopefully others will follow.

Secretary Shona Robison to continue to suspend the use of such implants in hospitals. Campaigners hope that if Scotland continues to suspend the use of mesh, other countries will follow suit.

Submissions must be no more than that which fill 3 A4 sides of paper. For you in the U.S. that's a 9 by 11 inch piece of standard printer paper.

Please include full name and mark it clearly Scottish Mesh Survivors "Hear Our Voice" Petition PE1517 and email it to: for consideration by the Petition's Committee. It must be received by 1 September 2017.

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