Salazar v Boston Scientific- $73.5 Million - How it Breaks Down

Jane Akre
September 9, 2014

Mesh News Desk is thankful to attorney Kevin Edwards – Edwards and de la Cerda law firm here, who was involved in the case of Martha Salazar v. Boston Scientific for a breakdown of what the jury decided in this unprecedented jury decision.

Boston Scientific has announced it will file an appeal.

Salazar v Boston Scientific (#DC 12 14349), jury decision September 8, 2014 reads as follows:

Physical pain and mental anguish in the past. $1.5 million

Physical pain mental anguish in the future - $10 million

Physical impairment in the past - $750,000

Physical impairment in the future - $5 million

Medical care in the future - $3 million

Loss of earning capacity - $1.7 million

Felix Salazar Loss of household services in the past - $15,000

Felix Salazar Loss of household services in the future - $500,000

Felix Salazar Loss of consortium in the past - $250,000

Felix Salazar Loss of consortium in the future - $750,000

Jurors decided by Clear and Convincing Evidence that Boston Scientific displayed Gross Negligence - $50 Million in punitive damages!

Total Amount of Compensatory and Punitive Damages = $73,465,000

Seventy three Million, four hundred sixty five thousand dollars.

(that is M meaning million not thousand, as was recently said by Dr. P in Huskey case)

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