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Jane Akre
May 29, 2012

Hello Everyone-

I’m interested in starting an active Question and Answer section of this website. Are you confused by the medical jargon surrounding mesh? How about the legal issues?

People visiting this site come from all different backgrounds and have different levels of expertise and knowledge so don’t be shy. If you have a question – I can find an answer by asking the experts in a certain area and passing that information back to the readers. I've been a journalist since 1979 so let's put that background to use!

Thanks for your input. I’ll post this on our Facebook site (here) and Facebook Page (here) as well. Thanks for your interest in this important subject that has the potential to impact so many American families.

Jane Akre

Editor, Mesh/Medical Device News Desk

Or call and I’ll post your question and hopefully find some answers. (904) 613-2828.

Stay well!!

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