Peace on Earth and Health to All this Holiday Season !!!

Jane Akre
December 24, 2015
polar bears

Polar Bears World Wildlife Fund

We can wish can't we? First of all, it is an honor to have so many readers gather on Mesh News Desk, and to get to know many of you AND to see you connecting with each other to offer support and love. I feel honored by your appreciation.... but I see this as a site for stories, answers and hopefully progress in helping bring an end to this horrendous chapter in women's health.

It's an honor to write these stories and pursue answers. I wish this holiday season to have a magic wand and make your pain disappear.... May you all find some peace and resolution to the difficulties you face. Let's hope that the veil of secrecy lifts and those in the position to help the injured do so - Finally! As long as we are wishing, how about the Precautionary Principle being applied to the manufacture of all medical devices, err on the side of caution and of the patient when it comes to the manufacture of a device, especially one that is permanently implanted!

That is just common sense, which as it turns out, is not so common after all.

I've enjoyed meeting many of you, on the phone and in person and I am in awe of your grace under pressure.

May 2016 bring you some answers, you all deserve it!

With respect and love and admiration,

Jane Akre

Editor Mesh News Desk

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