Patient Advocate Tells Story of " I Am Not Alone"

Jane Akre
August 29, 2016
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Mesh News Desk, August 29, 2016 ~ This unnamed patient advocate reports to Mesh News Desk on the condition of a mesh implanted woman who is fighting for her life at this hour.

"One of Caldera Medical, Inc"s. co-inventing surgeons who owns patents with Caldera Medical, Inc.'s CEO has an implant victim laying in a hospital tonight with an estimated forty percent risk of losing her life. She is being treated for Urosepsis, her fever has been so high it has altered her physical and mental health, she is my friend.

"I cannot go to her, help her, change anything but I can write her story. I can ask you to remember her and pray she survives. She is a high-risk patient—she has a prior history of fistula, diverticulum, urethral injury. She has had multiple mesh procedures,

"With each surgery factor for mesh complications, involving a five-fold increased hazard over time. It is in the horror she lives in while those who injured her get to go about conducting business as usual.

"How tired, sad, wounded and frighten her beloved husband sounded when he called. 'What do we do?'

Son holds mother's hand, WikiCommons

Son holds mother's hand, WikiCommons

"How do we do it? He wanted help and answers. I have done my best, it is not enough and it may never matter, without a law firm to hold Caldera Medical, Inc. and all those involved accountable. We will die one by one and most of us in poverty. We are medical professionals, nurses, teachers, we are smart women fighting with our hands and feet bound by litigation and corporate brutality. They just want us to disappear so they can continue to push their product line into the third world. There is no true effort to help us happening.

"I have listen to my friend fight, scream, beg, plead and pray.

"The last conversation I had to tell her she had to stop the legal fight and lay it aside and let all her attention be on surviving longer and being her for her dear husband. My sorrow is so deep, it is the fear of so many things with surgical mesh, urosepsis is the killer, the infections that we battle daily, can kill each of us.

"She needs a miracle to wake up and she gets better. I am not the same when I began these series of articles, I know too much to believe there is any justice for us and I will be a wreck if my friend dies. I think someone must step up and take all Caldera objectors and fight for us. Why are we not important? I think it is because of the powerful persons who are behind the veil of Caldera Medical, Inc.

"I remember my dear friend's first conversation to me she said, "Thank you for calling me, we are the same, I am not alone". "

Here is an article concerning the urosepsis we all fear:

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