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Jane Akre
October 5, 2014
Bridge in Central Park, NYC, Ed Yourdon, Wikicommons

Bridge in Central Park, NYC, Ed Yourdon, Wikicommons

Hello and Welcome October Readers to Mesh News Desk.

How are you?

If you are new to the Pelvic Mesh issue you are in the right place.

We cover the medical, legal and regulatory issues concerning pelvic mesh. Fashioned from hernia mesh it has long been known to be associated with complications. Hernia mesh patients have complained for years so it was not surprise when pelvic mesh recipients began having the same complaints.

"Putting a Face on Adverse Events" is why we are here and keeping you informed. Please make use of the Search Bar. Mesh 101 contains the issues to get you started on your path. See it here.

The litigation has of late resulted in a $73.5 million verdict for Martha Salazar v. Boston Scientific following on the heels of a $3.27 million verdict in federal court for Jo Huskey v. Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson). There are now 100-thousand of these cases filed against the major manufacturers.

Our sincere hope is some day the real faces of this pelvic mesh crisis become front page news so others can be informed and warned that this experimental chapter in women and men's health needs to end.

At the very least, the recent FDA move to reclassify pelvic mesh POP is a start... Mesh used for incontinence and hernia implants should also be reclassified as High Risk.

As always, I appreciate those of you who step up and donate to this effort. Coverage of upcoming November 3rd trial in Miami is uncertain at this writing. One sponsor might be able to cover the hotel which would help a lot. Advertising allows you to put a face on your company or you can offer quiet sponsorship through a nonprofit affiliated organization, which makes your donation tax-deductible. Contact me at janeakre@meshnewsdesk.com where we can discuss the possibilities.

There is a firewall between the editorial and advertising interests on this website and any sponsored content is labeled as such with the author/their company prominently displayed. Thank you for understanding.

Submissions by everyone are welcomed and the community has been very actively lately. That is greatly appreciated by your editor.

Fall leaves

Thank you all for what you do. And thank you for helping each other. This is quite a community!

Together we are forming an unstoppable tsunami which is making great strides in bring this under-reported issue to the forefront where it belongs.

Enjoy your October, wherever you are!

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