NYT on Profiteers Who Lure Women into Unnecessary Mesh Surgery

Jane Akre
April 16, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 15, 2018~ The New York Times published a front page story April 15th about the people who allegedly prey on unsuspecting women with transvaginal mesh, allegedly to have additional surgeries to increase the value of their settlement.

Mesh News Desk has found this to be a problem, (see MND story on profiteers here) but in context it represents a fraction of the women who have had implants and been injured by their doctors and ultimately by mesh manufacturers, which the evidence showed, popularized polypropylene mesh implants for profit. Please take the time to comment on the story here.


Here is my response:

Glad the Times is finally paying attention to the biggest medical scandal targeting women in our lifetime but the story demands context - the real profiteering starts at the top. While despicable few women have fallen prey to these individuals whose stories are covered on Mesh News Desk. The big boys - BSC, JNJ, AMS, Bard launched their polypropylene "experimental" devices with no clinical trials, to any doctor willing to make his business more profitable. They knew this blind procedure with plastic mesh would hurt patients, evidence has shown. Then the big boys paid millions to certain "consultants" training and selling other docs to get them into the fold. The profiteering dollars didn't stop there. Medical societies had their hands and wallets opened to dollars from industry to host their annual conferences, where again, the profiteers appeared like a trade show pushing profitability. Safety? No clinical trials, No alternatives to mesh (there are), just put the stuff in. Even today, doctors are telling women "It's not the same mesh".... It is! Its polypropylene, and permanent implant for both hernia and pelvic. Juries hearing the evidence - the destroying documents, the dummy companies set up to buy raw polypropylene when the petroleum industry stopped selling it to medical device makers, the insider emails - Juries are leveling huge punitive damages to send a clear message they don't like the reckless preying for profit

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