Nonie Asks - Why Can't Canadian Women go to UCLA for Mesh Removals?

Jane Akre
November 30, 2012

Nonie Wideman

November 29, 2012 ~ Nonie- an outspoken mesh survivor who lives in British Columbia, Canada has written her form of a letter to the Prime Minister asking if mesh removal surgeries were available in Canada, do you think mesh-injured women from Saskatchewan would be petitioning publicly to go to UCLA? Good question Nonie. Please let us know if you get an answer. See the original story in MDND and the comments below on what you can do to add your voice to the chorus.(I've added paragraphs to make it easier to read).


This is other polite way to say it.. is it gender inequality, or a human rights violation!!! Women in Canada, SASK, denied funding for skilled surgery across bored into USA, UCLA?

Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan said the ministry has canvassed doctors across the country about mesh removal and the B.C. doctor said it can be done.

The Health Minister is right if you want a blind procedure done on the most sensitive part of your body and you really do not care if you get the best outcome after a tragic result of a soon to be recalled, reclassified defective high risk implant.

I mean why would you want your surgeon to know exactly exactly where synthetic mesh has eroded and been positioned as it shrinks, and breaks apart adhering to and is eroding through other organs...shame on Canada for allowing this travesty of mesh implants to continue.....30% complication rate is not safe!!! It is a violation of our rights to equal health care.......people are not forced to use surgeons with no ex-rays to guide doctors when fixing shattered bones but women are forced to go to surgeons with no imaging capabilites for removing broken toxic plastic implants from their pelvic floors ,vaginas, bladders and urethras.......shame, shame ,shame!!!

Please intervene on our behalf!!

I considered suicide as a cure to the pain that consumed me for 8 months. I am not the only woman who has admitted this!! At the point where I wanted to never wake up if the mesh in my body was not removed I did not care how or who would take out the mesh that was coming out of my body piece by tiny piece!!! My defective implant was removed 11 months ago and I am still in chronic pain, unable to resume my life as it was. I am crippled by mesh.

No doctors in Canada use the only specialty translabial ultrasound imaging available to diagnose internal mesh erosion that causes excruciating pain internally long before it extrudes externally. My top doc in BC, perhaps in Canada, did not use this imaging to locate my breaking apart mesh. I may require more piecemeal surgeries!! I am suing the manufacturers of the mesh for compensation to have funds for future medical expenses because I can not count on our medical system to provide equitable health care for me.

Please please care for the mothers of Canadians.........the grandmothers, the young moms, the women who deserve better treatment than what has been given!!

You, Stephen Harper are in the unique position to be able to endear the hearts of all Canadian women by personally addressing this travesty!!!

At voting time if all the women in Canada remember that you cared to protect them you would be undefeatable ! The Canadian Cancer society has t-shirts that say protect First Base to raise funds to prevent breast cancer. You Mister Prime Minister would go down in history as the man protecting THE HOME RUN !!!

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