*New* Scottish Mesh Survivors Erect Website for Mesh-Injured

Jane Akre
April 20, 2015
Elaine and Olive, Scottish Mesh Survivors

Elaine and Olive, Scottish Mesh Survivors

The Scottish Mesh Survivors has a newly erected website to solidify the unity of women who are part of the mesh-injured community in Scotland.

Check it out here.

Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy are featured. They are two of the leaders of the group who petitioned their Scottish Parliament to hold a hearing on the number of pelvic mesh implants in their country and the high number of life-altering complications.

Not only did they raise awareness to the country as a whole, but lawmakers decided to suspend sales of pelvic mesh in the country until an inquiry could determine the number of injured and how this was happening.

National Health Service records show implants could range from 3,000 to as many as 10,000 in the small country.

See Mesh News Desk background stories on the suspension last June here. Last September, Sunday

Marion Scott, Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Reporter/ Journalist of the Year 2015

Marion Scott, Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Reporter/ Journalist of the Year 2015

Mail journalist Marion Scott reported the use of mesh implants was continuing despite the Health Secretary's suggestion the use be suspended. Scott reports eight health boards have ignored the suspension. She just won Reporter of the Year for her coverage of the mesh calamity. Yeah Marion!

Read her story here and here.

In February, New Jersey attorney Adam Slater addressed the Parliament on the latest goings on with Ethicon, the largest maker of polypropylene mesh implants. See story here.

Adam Slater

Adam Slater

Reporter Marion Scott has long made the public aware of the mesh mess by her exhaustive coverage of the issue.

Congratulations to Scottish Mesh Survivors and Marion Scott for their efforts as an amazing organization that is making things happen!

The Petition, dated May 1, 2014, "Hear Our Voice" asks the government to suspend the use of polypropylene transvaginal mesh procedures and initiate a public inquiry on the use of mesh devices from around the world. They also ask for mandatory reporting of all adverse events by health professionals and to set up an implant register so AE can be tracked. Read more at the Petition here.

Click this link to read the full "Scottish Mesh Survivors" petition

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