*NEW - Pelvic Mesh Litigation Ahead

Jane Akre
February 1, 2015
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For those court watchers who may want to attend a pelvic mesh trial, here are the upcoming actions around the country. Please be advised there may be more, but these have recently come to the attention of Mesh News Desk. This list will be expanded as more lawsuits make their way to court.

At the present time, there are 72,000 pelvic mesh actions filed in the federal court in West Virginia alone!

As it has become apparent the court was never set up for that many cases, settlements will be forthcoming, when and by which of the seven manufacturers is a closely held secret, [with the exception of American Medical Systems which at the present time is secretly settling its cases, with no disclosure or admission of liability, under parent company Endo.]

Here is the schedule. Please attend if you can or find a buddy to attend with:

We have Perry v Ethicon going on now- Bakersfield CA – Cartmell, Freese and Goss, de la Cerda

Debra Wise v. Bard, February 18, 2015, Charleston – Garrard, Blasingame

Figueroa v. Boston Scientific, February 23, 2015, Dallas, Tx - Freese and Goss

Bellew v. Ethicon, Charleston, WV - March 2, Ben Anderson

Boston Scientific trial in Delaware - May 4, 2015 - Motley Rice

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