*New* New Brunswick Today Covers J&J Upcoming Shareholders Meeting

Jane Akre
April 14, 2015
State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ, Locations of this year's shareholder's meeting.

State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ, Locations of this year's shareholder's meeting.

Thanks to reporter David Schatz of New Brunswick Today for the reminder about next week's Johnson & Johnson shareholder's meeting.

Included in the story is a link to Mesh News Desk and coverage of those We Are Mesh Survivors members who attended last year's event at the Hyatt Regency, directly across from J&J headquarters.

Three women made it inside to speak directly to J&J CEO Alex Gorsky before hundreds of shareholders.

Linda Wilcox spoke of her life since a Prolift implant and her dim prognosis. Gay Courter, a mesh survivor, reminded Mr. Gorsky that a company that enjoys the consumer-friendly reputation of Johnson & Johnson needs to rethink its medical device division that produces polypropylene transvaginal mesh.

Linda Wilcox and Gay Courter addressing J&J CEO Alex Gorsky, April 24, 2014

Linda Wilcox and Gay Courter addressing J&J CEO Alex Gorsky, April 24, 2014

A number of news stories about the mesh-injured women were generated, primarily by Associated Press reporter Linda Johnson, which were picked up by numerous other publications.

Huffington Post's Alyona Minkovski provided coverage as well (here) interviewing your editor and Estelle Tasz, a mesh survivor. (The interview is 5 minutes in).

Those of us present noted the presence of fully equipped state troopers and their snarling German Shepherds which stood in sharp contrast to the dozen or so women, many using canes to help them walk, who flew or drove to New Brunswick. The We Are Mesh Survivors members did not appear to be intimidated.

Even a firebomb was exploded during the gathering, allegedly by law enforcement, which may have been set as a possible diversion if necessary.

Alex Gorsky, Nov. 2011

Alex Gorsky, Nov. 2011

Outside placards were set up to greet the bus loads of people who are invested in the company.

The night before a Light Brigade shone a message on J&J headquarters. See the video produced by FitzGibbon media! Here.

Teresa Sawyer

Theresa Sawyer

Those present called for a Senate investigation into J&J for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of pages of mesh-related documents that were supposed to be held for upcoming litigation.

Here is a Mesh News Desk story from last year.

New Brunswick, NJ April 2014

New Brunswick, NJ April 2014

Johnson & Johnson is the largest producer of polypropylene transvaginal mesh implants used to treat prolapse and incontinence. In federal court in West Virginia, where cases are consolidated in multidistrict litigation, J&J has more than 25,000 cases filed. See the numeric count here.

This year's shareholder's meeting has been moved to a new venue, at the historic State Theatre in New Brunswick.

The last time that occurred was in 1989. The shareholders annual meeting has been shortened from nearly two hours last year to just one hour.

Forget the free lunch and gift bags for attendees as well.

Here is his story.

Schatz reports a webcast will be aired live. No doubt Mr. Gorsky will talk about First Quarter earnings for J&J. See story here.

The J&J Annual Shareholders Meeting will be held April 23rd at 10 am. The State Theater is located at 15 Livingstone Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Phone: (732) 246-7469.

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