New Antibiotic May Treat Chronic Pelvic Mesh Infections

Jane Akre
February 19, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 19, 2018~ A Florida reader says she has been prescribed a new drug that seems to addressing her chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), so common among many women who have had pelvic mesh implants.


Many readers of Mesh News Desk (MND) report they have ongoing UTIs since their polypropylene mesh implant, whether it's been removed or not.

If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can lead to serious kidney problems.

Many of these infections are resistant to the standard antibiotics on the market.

A doctor at Shands Hospital prescribed her a new drug that almost no one knows about.

Its called MONUROL.


Monurol, made by Allergan, the California-based company that makes Botox and Lexapro, among other drugs, was recently approved for use in USA, however its been used in Europe for some time now. The reader was prescribed a weekly dose and it appears to be working with no side effects.

The weekly dosage is $70, and about $35.00 in Canada and about $5 in most European countries. Coupons are available and in some cases, one can import drugs from a pharmacy in Canada or Europe.

The non-branded name is fosfomycin and the dosing information says it is for Acute cystitis caused by E. coli, E. faecalis. You dissolve one packed in 3-4 oz of water. Adverse effects include diarrhea, discomfort, anorexia, nausea, headache, rash and vomiting. One may also experience fatigue, and drowsiness and dizziness.

Dr. Raz, Mesh Bacterial Colonies

The manufacturer of Paladin Labs Inc of Quebec, Canada and made by Allergan, maker of Boxox and Lexapro among other drugs.

Here is the product monograph.

Here is the patient handout.

"It is pretty much a miracle drug for mesh victims who have these constant infections," says our friendly reader. In her case, scar tissue formed around the urethra, which was partially severed.

Note* You may need a special prescription from an infectious disease doctor.

Superior Labs D-Mannose

Insurance companies may not be aware of the effectiveness of this medication for mesh-induced UTIs.


Mesh New Desk offers D-Mannose at a discount when purchased through Amazon. Please see the offer here.

A simple sugar, D-Mannose prevents E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urethra or bladder. See the offer here and be sure to put in the CODE that is just for MND readers to get a discount. Many readers swear by the product and it can be used as a prophylactic, for regular daily use to prevent UTIs.


Foreign bodies have long been known as a potential source or reservoir for infection. The surface and some small spaces in the implants can harbor bacteria.

Dr. Vladimir Iakovlev

Pathologist Vladimir Iakovlev tells MND that is why he tries to remove all bullets, splinters and dead tissues around any infection. At his lab in Toronto, he has explanted 500 mesh specimens and reports scars can form inside or outside the mesh which harbors bacterial.

Read about his explanted mesh findings here.



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