Countdown: The Mesh Warrior's Campaign to Fund Transvaginal Mesh Surgeries

Jane Akre
January 18, 2014
The Mesh Warrior, Indigogo Campaign

The Mesh Warrior, Indigogo Campaign

Mesh New Desk is friends with contributor, Aaron Horton, The Mesh Warrior, so named because she advocates on behalf of women injured by transvaginal mesh. Her mother is among them.

Aaron and husband, Lee

Aaron and husband, Lee

Last July, Aaron wrote a heartfelt essay on living with a mother in desperate need of removal surgery after multiple mesh complications and her wait for the operation. Her story is here.

Horton has also personally accompanied women to UCLA for an appointment and consultation with world-renowned surgeon Dr. Shlomo Raz. This was done out of her own pocket for no compensation at all.

She now wants to raise awareness and funds for women who may not be able to travel to Dr. Raz, long considered among the most competent surgeons in the world capable of removing most if not all of the transvaginal mesh after the woman has suffered complications.

All of the funds raised will go for transportation, room and board and to pay a portion of the surgery.

Her goal is $18,000 by February first.The campaign is being conducted through Indiegogo here. Gifts will be awarded to the contributors with a week-long trip to a cozy cottage in Mazatlan, Mexico for those who contribute $1,000. Contributions start at $10 for handmade art.

This is important-* Indiegogo funding in this case is "Fixed" meaning it's All or Nothing! Aaron must raise the full amount or she raises nothing!

Horton says, "Once we have the necessary funds, we will experiment by granting one low-income woman a scholarship (proof low-income status will be necessary). As our test subject, this very blessed woman will be provided for in all the ways mentioned above. Then we will know and understand much more about the costs of this full mesh explant surgery and its associated travel (patients are required by the doctor to come for at least two visits to UCLA). The woman must be from the contiguous United States, though sadly, this issue is destroying lives the world over. As our financial capabilities grow, so will our service capabilities."

If the $18,000 is not reached, the focus will be on gather contributions to pay for discounted housing and plane tickets for any patient who is close to being able to afford the trip. February 1 is just around the corner!

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