Mesh Top Medical Story in Canada at CTV

Jane Akre
January 1, 2013
CTV health Reporter Avis Favro

CTV Health Reporter Avis Favro

December 31, 2012 ~ Canada's CTV Health Reporter Avis Favro in a review of the Top Ten medical stories of 2012 recounts how mesh elicited more responses than any other story that year, more than she thought possible. Here are her thoughts.

U.S. media are you listening? There are 10,000 cases filed in the U.S. now and 20,000 expected. This is a huge and under-reported story.

"This was one of the most troubling stories producer Elizabeth St. Philip and I worked on this year.

The story began as a small piece about two women in Ontario planning to sue the makers of a mesh used to treat their incontinence. They claimed the devices had left them in pain and the implants could not be removed.

We were unprepared for the flood of phone calls and emails from women with similar implants and even more horrific stories of suffering. Some left us in tears.

There are now an estimated 600 women in Canada who are seeking to be part of various lawsuits against transvaginal mesh products. We’ll likely hear more on this story in 2013."

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