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Jane Akre
March 6, 2017

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Mesh News Desk (MND), March 6, 2017 ~ Thanks for stopping by Mesh Medical Device News Desk.

If you are considering a hernia or pelvic mesh implant, you have come to the right place.

There are at least 100,000 lawsuits currently filed in the U.S. to address the injuries allegedly caused by polypropylene pelvic mesh. For now there has been a lull in mesh litigation as, behind the scenes, mesh manufacturers and the injured are at a standoff.

Manufacturers are in an holding out on offering settlements to make the litigation go away, while patients wait for their day in court.

It is an unsustainable standoff and the federal judge in charge of this massive litigation wants both sides to settle. He is doing what he can to force that to happen, unfortunately at the detriment of many women who are offered little to replace the lives they’ve lost.

To make matters worse, some law firms have decided to clear their books of mesh litigation moving onto other mass torts. Some are encouraging women to take what is offered rather than go back to seek additional funds.

Please think twice before you receive a polypropylene mesh implant.

Doctors have been advised by the FDA not to use mesh as a first line of treatment are still doing so. Women tell Mesh News Desk they are promised the mesh today is different. It’ still polypropylene and no one can yet tell you why it does not work in some women, or in some men for hernia repair. There is no way to know if you will be one of the unlucky ones, even if your doctor is an "expert."

UCLA is looking into why so many women and men suffer autoimmune issues following their mesh implants. You can join the registry here.

Shouldice Clinic in Toronto does a non-mesh repair for hernias. There are a few mesh removal doctors around the country but the better step might be, if you are a candidate, to have your first repair for incontinence, prolapse or hernia to be a non-mesh repair.

The stories are too sad from those who trusted their doctors and decided to go ahead and follow his lead.

So while this is all being sorted out, many decades from now we will look back at this very dark chapter on patient health. Clarity and answers simply do not exist today.

See the story “Top 10 Myths Women are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh” here

If you are told you need polypropylene mesh to correct prolapse or incontinence, you will need to direct your own medical care and be a truly informed consumer. Please see these videos (here and here) on surgery (Careful- they are graphic). We hope these pages help you toward that goal.

Mesh News Desk does not give legal or medical advice. We may send you some doctors names as a courtesy. If you are seeking a law firm you might fill out the Lawyer Evaluation form on the first page, run by Sundown Marketing. Please do not comment with your last name.

Onward Friends!

Jane Akre, Editor, Mesh News Desk

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