Mesh Injured Fill Parliament Gathering in UK on Pelvic Mesh

Jane Akre
July 20, 2017

Campaigners from Sling The Mesh,

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 19, 2017 ~ Mesh campaigners call it a successful rally that brought hundreds of mesh-injured and their families face to face with government at the London Parliament building on Tuesday.

It was an emotional public gathering as women wept in Parliament about the aftermath of a simple mesh medical device implant procedure that was supposed to provide a solution.

There was standing room only in a committee room where Members of Parliament and high profile doctors met with campaigners including Kath Sansom, a journalist at CambsTimes and founder of Sling The Mesh campaign.

An estimated 126,000 mesh implants have been used on English women since 2006, with at least 10,000 complications reported.

The group wants a UK wide ban on the use of pelvic mesh.

Women who’ve suffered the outcomes, their husbands and children cried during the two-hour meeting. Women spoke of their life after a simple implant – how it’s left them disabled, depressed, without employment, and with suicidal thoughts, all because of a simple 20-minute procedure promised to cure incontinence or prolapse.

MP Owen Smith, center

MP Owen Smith chaired the event, who pledged to meet with Britain’s Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Retired Surgeon John Osborne was in attendance. He had tried to warn the medical community in the 1990's but his voice was not heard then. Dr. Osborne now says he’s appalled at what he’s hearing.

“I want to apologise on behalf of my profession,” quoting Dr. Osborne by

Mesh removal doctor, Dr. Suzy Elneil, is quoted as saying “I find meeting the women hard, yet equally they are the reason I keep going.” She said that in 1997 when she watched her first mesh sling incontinence surgery it was like seeing a car crash in slow motion happening in the pelvis.

The first meeting of the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group on Mesh Implants, will be held in September. The group wants a debate before Parliament.

Kath Sansome

Kath Sansome of Sling The Mesh tells Mesh News Desk,

“It was an incredible day that nobody will forget in a hurry, emotional and powerful. It was one of the largest committee rooms in the Houses of Parliament and MP Owen Smith said it was the most packed meeting he had ever seen. Standing room only. It achieved everything and more and raised vital awareness amongst MPs so that once it comes to a debate theywill realize the seriousness of this issue. More than 20 MPs came and others tried to get in but the room was too packed. The APPG into mesh is great as it will be a task force to effect change. I’m absolutely delighted with the result.”

A government inquiry into mesh – The English Group Work Party, is due out Tuesday, July 25. A similar report issued by the Scottish government was labelled a whitewash.

Dr. Carl Heneghan, Dr. Osborne, Kath Sansom at Parliament

Dawn Payne, calls herself a “mesh survivor,” and was at Parliament for the gathering. She tells MND to be there was a privledge.

Dawn Payne, Facebook

“To be shoulder to shoulder with fellow mesh victims whilst they recounted their individual stories and the awful consequences of this device was nothing short of humbling.

“The panel of experts who gave insight into the under reporting of problems and the devastating effects of these devices truly showed the passion we all feel regarding the need to prevent others from sadly following in our footsteps.

“To hear the retired surgeon John Osborne apologise to us all because he knew it was a flawed procedure and had voiced his opinion but wasn't listened to, was very emotive. He was visibly moved as were many in the room.

“Professor Carl Henegen (editor of British Medical Journal) demonstrated how easy it was for the pharmaceutical companies to gain permits to launch this mesh without the need to prove its safety, shocking!

“Soheir Elniel, the savour of many mesh victims who has become a pariah amongst some of the medical professionals because she dare speak against the lucrative mesh and those who peddle it without thought for the devastation they wreak. Soheir is left to salvage what she can of people's lives. You could see the compassion of this amazing lady who wiped the tears from her face.

“I thank God for Kath Sansom and Sling The Mesh, for Owen Smith and everyone who is trying to get our voice heard.

“I left Parliament yesterday a changed person, every single person in that room could feel the emotion the sadness of lives lost to this hell but also the overwhelming sense of hope that we are the ones who can make this change.”

Beside a ban on pelvic mesh, the group wants a full Parliamentary hearing on the use of pelvic mesh in the country. ###

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