Medical Compensation - When A Caller Asks If You've Had a Bladder Sling

Jane Akre
July 27, 2015
Caller, On Hold Webstore

Caller, On Hold Webstore

MND, July 27, 2015 ~ Sometimes one can actually find humor in this mesh mess. Easy for me to say, I’m not injured.

But let me share this with you - the ultimate irony. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my ears.

Late last week I got a call from “Patrick." He had an Indian accent. Patrick said he was with Medical Compensation Services.

“You might be able to get compensation at no cost to you,” he said, if I had received a bladder sling.

"Did you get one of those?"

Is this a joke, I thought. Who is this?

What law firm do you work for? I asked.

No, I don’t work for a law firm, he insisted. Patrick said he was with Medical Compensation Services.

Caller, Telegraph UK

Caller, Telegraph UK

Instead, he said, paralegals could take my information. Did I get a bladder sling?

I said, "I don’t give any information to someone I don’t know," suspecting this might be some sort of set up. I could hear it now, “Now she’s claiming to be mesh injured for money,” some detractors could claim.

I said I was busy now and I asked for his name and number and where he was located.

Clearwater, Florida, he said. The number was 727-242-2163. That is a Clearwater exchange.

Looking up the Division of Corporations in Florida. There is no Medical Compensation Services listed as a Florida corporation. I found Compensation Services Inc. in Clermont, Fl. which provided career development and human resources services.

Caller, what's On TV. UK

Caller, what's On TV. UK

But I did find that medical compensation calls are very common (here) and occur around the country. Only one person here was asked about bladder surgery.

Upon calling back later, I was surprised that Patrick answered. "It’s a class action lawsuit," he said sounding excited.

“Did you get one?” he asked again about my alleged bladder sling.

Again I was careful not to confirm – where did you get that information? I asked.

“A family member,” he said. “Someone from your family had that information that you have undergone surgery. Is that correct?”

“I’m not sure who would have called you with that information,” I replied fishing for clues. Unofficially I recently heard a urogynecologist complain he had received calls to his office looking for women who had undergone mesh surgery. I also recently talked to a women who said someone called her from the 727 area code asking about her bladder surgery. She too didn’t know where he had gotten her number.

“I’m trying to help people,” Patrick repeated.

So, I asked Patrick, “If you had the bladder sling do you have to have complications? What if you had no complications?”

“No problem,” said Patrick.

Calls, History of Pad Parties. com

Calls, History of Pad Parties. com

“To get compensation you have to have side effects,” he repeated. "You’re able to get compensation at no cost," he repeated again how I could benefit from my alleged bladder sling operation.

Again Patrick tries - did I have surgery? Which year, he asked.

“I didn’t say I had surgery,” I replied.

Before we parted Patrick asked “Does any person in your family have mesothelioma?”

No, I said.

“No problem,” said Patrick. #

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