Mary Pat on Mesh Awareness Rallies in Your Area

Jane Akre
February 18, 2016
MAM rally in Charleston, WV in 2015

MAM rally in Charleston, WV in 2015

Frequent contributor Mary Pat says if you can't make it to WV for the upcoming rally- take it home!!

February 18, 2016 ~ Many of the mesh injured live too far, are too debilitated, or can’t afford to travel to the West Virginia MAM rally. Why not en-join with the WV MAM rally by participating in a peaceful demonstration on April 11 in your home town? We can get friends and family members who have witnessed our suffering to participate in a peaceful protest march, like Martin Luther King did, and march from our Federal Court House, (or your local court house if you don’t have a Federal Court in your town) to a local TV news station.

We can demonstrate at the court to show our support for MAM and we can march to a local TV news station to demonstrate against the news blackout.

Would anyone be willing to do this on April 11th?

We could each take a picture or video of our local protest and connect all of the pictures/videos on-line with the MAM demonstrators in West Virginia. That would bolster the WV MAM demonstration exponentially. If we demonstrate at news stations and the news stations continue the “blackout” the mud will be publicly on their face for all the world to see. We can show on the internet which news station “covered the news” versus “total news blackout”, thus revealing their shame publicly.

It would be fascinating to connect all of the pictures/videos of demonstrations. Maybe we could even get New Zealand, Scotland and the UK to join in on the demonstration. I think if we made a video of this, it would go viral on the internet. I could make the video if anyone is interested. Jane knows how to get a hold of me. Please, everyone, prayerfully consider this idea.

Jane, I’m not sure if everyone reads every comment. If you know of a better way to get this idea out, let me know. God bless you all.

Read Psalm 18 in it’s entirety. I think it should be our mantra, our foundation, our motivation and the gas in our engines. Mesh injured women and men unite. Join MAM right where you are. We are not helpless. Our GOD is our strength, our Rock, our Avenger. Every time I read about a new recipient/victim of mesh, I feel outraged that this torture continues.

For me, I believe God has allowed this suffering in my life, personally, so I can use what I have learned from my pain, my violation and my suffering to help others; my mission is to bring hope to the hopeless, to help those suffering understand that God’s grace is sufficient, God will be your strength, God will be your protector, God will provide, God will avenge you, God will help us bring truth to light. ~Mary Pat

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