March Madness: A New Tactic in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

Jane Akre
March 3, 2014

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Welcome to Mesh News Desk (MND) everyone, aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk, your original source for news on the transvaginal mesh and increasingly hernia mesh front for nearly three years. There are now about 60,000 lawsuits filed in this country alone concerning transvaginal mesh injuries. MND continues to be shocked that the media has not made this front page news!

THANK YOU - each and every one of you who contributed to MND to allow the recent trip to cover the Ethicon trial to happen. Without you all I couldn't have justified the trip. THANK YOU All so much!

This website attempts to provide the latest information concerning the science of mesh, the FDA and regulation of medical devices and the litigation that is ongoing. I invite any industry or individual who would like to talk directly to the community to make use of the Mesh News Desk Wire to send your message to your targeted audience of mesh-injured at a fraction of the cost of other services. People would like to hear from you. In that regard, if you submit a comment to the site I will add you to the newsletter list. You can simply unsubscribe if you do not want to receive it. Thank you.

For many of you waiting to have some resolution to your transvaginal mesh defective product litigation this year cannot go fast enough. We already have one settlement offered in the American Medical Systems litigation for an unnamed number of people and the trials that will get underway this year should tell the rest of the story. Meanwhile most of your suffer seeking some sort of resolution through your medical professionals. Some doctors are beginning to understand that they must educate themselves on the thousands of horrendous injuries; that this is not mass hysteria created by mass tort lawyers. To delay and deny treatment is the most cruel prescription a health care provider can give his or her patient. Everyday I still hear the stories from women who say doctors believe "it's in your head." Actually the pain is not in her head it's in her body! I've said it many times, we do not treat dogs this way.

Doctors or health care professionals are always invited to submit columns to MND.

The information contained on these pages is not intended to substitute for advice from your legal or medical professionals. Any advertisers be forewarned that a firewall exists between advertising and editorial content. Advertising is welcome. See the Sponsor page. Donations are welcome as well to keep the doors opened.

This site does not give away your email to anyone for any purpose. On rare occasions women ask to talk to a patient advocate so I will ask if I can share their email. This site follows the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics and tries to minimize any harm to an individual.

As always, Bruce Rosenberg is available to discuss your hernia injuries. Not a doctor or a lawyer, Bruce is hernia mesh-injured and has formed The National Meshoma Foundation. His purpose is education...please contact him for information and be patient because he is overwhelmed with the mesh-injured community. 954-701-5094.

Jane Akre, editor Mesh NewsDesk

Jane Akre, editor
Mesh NewsDesk

As the only reporter at the recent Ethicon federal lawsuit in Charleston, West Virginia, I will be sharing what I learned this month. Expect to put your science hats on. The pictures are amazing too. Then there is the litigation with one trial in Texas scheduled for March. Stay tuned!

Stay well and stay in touch!

Jane Akre,

Editor, Mesh News Desk

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