Kentucky Mesh Survivor Power- Catch Them Before Nov. Elections

Jane Akre
October 24, 2014

Kentucky Women - Don’t Shut Up, Speak Up!!

One Kentucky Mesh Survivor has been very busy as an Influencer with Coordinated Actions.

She says, “I believe we all need to stand up and move forward. We can't ask for help and not be willing to help ourselves. I'm working toward US Senators and next is my Governor. Maybe we should go to our governors as a group, each state. I do believe our power is in numbers.”

This woman, who must remain anonymous, says the next step is to approach the manufacturers as a group. “I'm not sure what to do next but we will need women to help and speak up. Don't be shut up, speak up......

Also, the FDA petition is online here:

Her goal: “Oh I hope to get the mesh off market and have FDA look at 510K loophole; have KY help women with KY government insurance that pays to implant mesh but won't help women find doctors to remove mesh and take their insurance; move out cases from WV and into KY..........let our voices be heard.”

She and three KY mesh survivors met with KY Sen. Rand Paul’s state director and he promised to help communicate with the Food and Drug Administration. These women don't want there names mentioned though all are from KY.

"We are planning another meeting in Frankfort KY (cap of KY) in Nov. So far eight women want to come," she says.

REMINDER- * Please take photos when you make a visit. We like to share in the visuals. This woman has a video which will be released and will share on MND.

~ KY women Mesh Survivors, 859-421-3998.

Contact: US Senator Mitch McConnell. Washington office (202) 224-2541 , Health Aid. Katlin Conner.

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