Kathleen: Questions to Ask Before Mesh Removal

Jane Akre
April 2, 2012

Mesh after removal

'Kathleen' (not her real name which she doesn't want to use because of litigation) is a regular reader of MDND and has some suggestions on the questions to ask of doctors before a mesh removal procedure. She has had her mesh removed and met with many doctors before choosing one.

Since there are so few full mesh removal doctors around the country, or around the world, for that matter, she suggests you sharpen your interview skills - this is a matter of your life and not time to be polite.

Kathleen says she's heard from many women who have gone to doctors who may not be completely forthcoming about removal, so she, along with a friend who has had removal and reconstruction, compiled a list of questions to ask before surgery.

These are suggested questions. MDND does not offer medical or legal advice.

"Be aware that by not understanding mesh removal, you are at the mercy of doctors who will snip away a small piece and then tell you he/she removed it all, or you can wind up worse off than you were before removal.

"Here are the questions you need to ask. DO NOT be afraid to ask them. If your doctor acts offended or uncomfortable, then more than likely it is because he/she is not experienced in removal. You cannot afford to be practiced on. Your future and perhaps your life is at stake."

*Do you remove the mesh completely?

*How many have you removed?

*Can you remove it off the bone?

*Do you remove the arms, anchors?

*What diagnostic equipment do you have ? (trans vaginal ultrasound that digitally shows the mess, pelvic mri that shows degrees of prolapse/cystocele?)

*How long is the recovery?

*Can you repair and reconstruct me using my own facsia tissue graft within 6 months of removal if needed.

*Do you agree a partial removal only leads to more problems? If the answer is no, RUN!

*What is done in my aftercare, catheter, pain management and follow ups?

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