Kathleen on Life after Hysterectomy

Jane Akre
October 31, 2012

Oct 31, 2012 ~ “Kathleen,” not her real name in that she is involved in litigation, wants everyone to understand what a hysterectomy really means. Too often women find out after the fact… Thanks Kathleen!!

"It is just so important that a woman knows what exactly is going to happen to them during a hysterectomy. No one usually explains that you lose your support for your bladder. That is why these TVT kits were invented in the first place I think to be an easy “fix” to the issue. No one explains the alternatives. There are so many options for SUI and POP. It is interesting now that I am at the proper doctor just how much you learn. The kits have too much risk of complication as we know. Lives are devastated with too much pain and suffering to bear. All aspects of your life is affected.

"Now if you have been injured by the mesh you have to be extremely careful to get the right help or your condition will only get worse. Using the right words with your doctor can make all the difference. “Mesh” means something different to doctors than “Entire Device”. We have learned all too well that leaving parts of it in causes future havoc. Women get a little relief at first but things eventually get worse. Some women do not have a choice if it has eroded already. That does justify a partial removal if it is cutting into you. But never let a doctor remove it if they are not skilled to do so. If they think it is too dangerous, there is your first clue. You deserve someone who knows how to safely remove it verses someone who does not have the experience.

"Once your mesh is removed, you are so relieved to think the hard part is really over but now comes part two of the nightmare when you realize just how much your Tissues, Nerves, Muscles and Ligaments have been injured by the MESH. Repair and Reconstruction may be necessary.

"Prolapses may have occurred and that is why you are still having issues. It is not your fault!!!! All devices are a little different so this topic may be different for everyone. Of course a skilled surgeon will do as much repair at removal but we can have so much damage from the mesh that you need to heal between surgeries. You will know how you are doing once you are physical again. It takes time. I feel surgery works best if removal and reconstruction are separate surgeries. So if you do require more help, this is where your patience really needs to come in. There are many options available for this part of the recovery. We all are paving the way for women to get the help they need in this regard. But there are ways to repair/reconstruct not using mesh. At least that is good news. We are also trying to learn what to do about the nerve damage. Hope to have more to report on that in a future update.

"You can get your life back. Just know you are not alone. The uncertainty we face can create so much anxiety. We have to believe that things can get better. Not perfect someone said once said but better. It is true. Just please do not give up!

"Love and Prayers to you all........." #

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