J&J Loses Final Appeal of Beltz Pelvic Mesh Case and $2.43 Million

Jane Akre
August 27, 2019
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 27, 2019 ~ Johnson & Johnson loses its latest appeal of the Sharon Beltz case, heard in 2017 in Philadelphia.  This makes it the  9th loss for the healthcare giant in this particular venue. More trials are ahead.

Sharon Beltz had a Prolift pelvic mesh implanted in 2006. After suffering mesh erosion and contraction, chronic infection, inflammation, scar tissue, organ perforation, blood loss, pelvic floor damage, pain and dyspareunia, she had removal surgery in 2011. Mass Device has the update.

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She sued Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon division. She claimed the mesh was defective, the company failed to warn the patient or her physician of the dangers, negligence, fraud, breach of warranty and violation of state consumer laws.

Her trial was held in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and she was represented by Kline Specter.

In May 2017, Beltz and her husband were awarded $2.16, but in the meantime, interest has accrued and it has now become $2.43 million.

J&J appealed but the company made a mistake

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It had ten days to enter post-trial motions. Instead J&J filed them 17 days later. The appeals court rejected the motion saying it was untimely. Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected J&J”s last attempt to appeal the two strikes against it.

The Beltz case is just one of 12 product liability cases filed against  J&J over its pelvic mesh in the Philadelphia venue.

Among those, the company has been successful in just two cases.  More trials are planned in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas as well as a TVT-O case planned in West Virginia in December (Sutphin), tried by Kline Specter.


MND, Beltz Pelvic Mesh Case Yields $2.16 Million Verdict for Plaintiff

MND, Beltz Pelvic Mesh Jury Form, June 1, 2017

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