In the Beginning: Suffering in Silence

Jane Akre
June 24, 2014

I recently was asked how I started with mesh as a topic for reporting.

I'm not mesh-injured myself. The reader wanted to know if I had a family member or friend who had mesh. No, I said, but when working as the National News Editor for InjuryBoard people started calling me. This was back in 2009. They told me stories about their mesh injuries and the doctors who turned their backs. I could not believe this was happening.... then I did the research and found everything they said was true.

I was and continue to be amazed at the huge divides between the devastating injuries and the safety nets that are supposed to be there to protect Americans. They've fallen away and the women are falling through the cracks. So I thought it might be time to revisit what we knew and uncovered back in 2009 compared to what is happening today.

Unfortunately not much has changed. Here is the first in a four-part series, Suffering in Silence. I hope you enjoy reading all four parts. ~ Jane Akre, Editor, Mesh News Desk, formerly with Injuryboard

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