Happy Birthday Mesh News Desk!

Jane Akre
August 1, 2014
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It's hard to believe when you are having so much (fun? is that the right word?) but Mesh News Desk aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk officially turns three this month, which also happens to be the month of your editor's birthday. In that time 500 pages of copy have been turned out which is available through search bar query.

See the About Us page to see how we work.

That is the good news. A lot has changed during that time and a lot has stayed the same.

In three years the FDA has held public hearings on pelvic mesh and put out an excellent White Paper alerting everyone to the potential for harm. The first Petition by the FDA to reclassify mesh for POP (pelvic organ prolapse) just closed and within months, it is likely POP mesh will be reclassified to class 3. That is a death knell for POP mesh. No company will spend the million to have it tested only knowing that it cannot possibly pass clinical trials. The dangers are too apparent.

Thanks should go out to Corporate Action Network which has partnered with MND to rev up these campaigns. They are savvy online campaigners who lent us their expertise for no charge. Thank YOU!

Things staying the same? The bulk of the medical establishment continues as it always had with its "gold standard" rhetoric which is another way of saying "bread and butter" for their practice. When medicine is for profit, we see patients of secondary concern, among some docs at least.

Now for some thoughtful comments. Increasingly this site has become about YOU. I've asked for and received lots of articles written by an amazing group of mesh-injured folks and other professionals who see the light and want to speak truth to power. Frankly, I'd like to continue that trend of contributions and turn over the pages to everyone who would like to contribute. Talk to me.

Trial coverage- should it continue?

We are at a crossroads. If there is any value in trial coverage, readers or their law firms may want to help write off the costs of coverage. Travel and accommodations, even modest, are costly. I've used my own mile and credit cards, but that is not sustainable.

Expect to see some paywalls go up for businesses as well as an offer to provide exclusive coverage to any entity that would like to be associated with Mesh News Desk. A surefire way to up your profile and credibility. As an alternative, copy on the court proceedings can be provided in a newsfeed to be repackaged for your website.

Of course those of you who can, submissions through PayPal on page one of the site are most appreciated. If a cellphone and cable is of value, isn't Mesh News Desk?

My co-editors think so!

At least one person is listening

Note* Morcellator Injuries and Hernia Mesh Injuries are new pages added to Mesh News Desk and I'm hoping to attract more advertisers that way.

There is a lot left to do - stories that NEED to be told as well as investigations that need to see the light of day, more trials to be covered and of course, your Patient Profiles that are needed to Put a Face on Adverse Events.

Stay well everyone. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Let's carry on shall we?

~ Jane Akre, Editor

Mesh News Desk


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